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    Other Books Famous Scientists Studied From

    In my original post, I made a mistake. I believe Feynman first learned calculus from J E Thompson, Calculus For The Practical Man, not S Thompson, Calculus Made Easy. He then moved onto Woods, Advanced Calculus.
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    Calculus Which books for Calculus AND Linear Algebra

    Maybe someone else can comment on this, but as far as I know, Apostol teaches linear algebra as you go. So, a dedicated text after Apostol might not totally be necessary. If Apostol teaches enough linear algebra and you have enough mathematical maturity, you're time could be best spent on really...
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    Other Books Famous Scientists Studied From

    Hey, I haven't seen a thread on this topic, so I figured I should start it. Hopefully others can contribute! Srinivasa Ramanujan - SL Loney, Trigonometry & GS Carr, A Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics SS Chern - Hall & Knight, Higher Algebra Bernard Riemann -...
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    Calculus Who's familiar with all: Piskunov, Fichtenhols, and Smirnov?

    I am very interested in the "russian" type of math approach, a mix of rigor with lots of examples from physics and engineering mixed in with the calculus/analysis pedagogy. It also fascinates me that the same texts were studied by both physicists and engineers of the time period; so lauded...
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    Classical Seeking advice on Self Study Curriculum

    I'm usually entirely autonomous in planning out my curriculum (and have read much great advice here in aid); but my physics curriculum is proving more difficult to plan out than my math curriculum. I was thinking as a start: Kleppner & Kolenkow Mechanics, Purcell Electricity and Magnetism, and...
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    Who Are the Greatest Chemists Living & of All-Time?

    E.J. Corey and R.B. Woodward are certainly worth mentioning. Both are noble laureates and major pioneers in their fields. E.J. Corey is still alive; he is the pioneer of retrosynthetic analysis, a very powerful tool in organic synthesis. R.B. Woodward, no longer alive, is the main pioneer of...
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    Other Want to be an engineer, but do research on the side?

    So, I really want to be an Aerospace Engineer, but I also love chemistry, physics, math, and etcetera. Most of what I love tends to be application focused, rather than pure. Regarding chemistry, I really like synthetic physical organic stuff; especially geometrically strained compounds and...
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    How well do you know the multiplication table?

    Around 4th grade I used flash cards. Everything up to 12x12 comes pretty fast. For larger numbers I tend to add multiples together or just work from combinations I recall. I actually never learned to do arithmetic by hand very well, so I tended to do it mentally. Now I'm studying the The...
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    How to stop procrastination/insecurity?

    Haha, that reminds me a while ago I was asked about if I like math since I'm studying it. I replied, "Well, I have to."
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    How to stop procrastination/insecurity?

    Thanks to everyone here for the advice, I appreciate it.
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    How to stop procrastination/insecurity?

    So, this is my first post here; I hope it comes across as lucid as possible. I'm freshly 17, and I've found the math at my school to be quite bad (as in not rigorous or challenging). So over the past several months, I put together an independent self-study plan; it consists of enough math to...