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    Other Online Degree in Physics

    It depends on what you’re looking for. Texas A&M has an online MS in Physics geared towards teachers. That’s the only one I’ve seen. ETA: This seems more like a BS program “on steroids” than a true master’s program...
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    Studying How Many Problems to Do When Self-Studying Physics?

    I guess it depends on why you are self-studying. Is it for enjoyment or are you planning on testing out of the class? I am the ultimate nerd. Even back in high school, I would do all the questions, even unassigned ones, for math and physics because I thought they were fun. I like solving...
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    Physics Out in the Real World, nobody seems to care

    Have you thought of substitute teaching (grade school or high school) or tutoring?
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    Other Where to start computer science

    Don't start with a programming language but a programming course that uses no language at all. I took one online at a local community college. I found that it taught me a thought process, along with pseudocode and flowcharts. I took Java and C++ after that and found I was better prepared than...
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    Comp Sci Java Programming Homework: Create Sandwich & TestSandwich Classes

    Homework Statement I decided to take a Java class so I can introduce my students to programming/java next year as part of an after school program. I am stuck! My code works except for the last part. It is in bold. Honestly, I am lost. I'm sure it is a simple solution but I can't see it. Any...
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    What is the purpose of summer vacations from public school?

    Breaks that amount to the same time off would be okay for some teachers. However, many teachers use the summer break to take classes to increase their knowledge of a subject or pedagogy. It is the only time we have to devote to studies. Lesson plans and grading take time after school. Many of us...
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    What is the purpose of summer vacations from public school?

    No. There is already a shortage of quality teachers. Teaching is more difficult than many think and teachers need that break to recoup. In additional to teaching, we are handling classroom management and trying to inspire students who do not want to be there. I love teaching but there is no way...
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    Programs Master's Degrees: Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar

    As others have said it depends on the field. And to some extent your current job. I did my masters completely online at a state university. I graduated with traditional students and our degrees look the same. However, it was in education and I was a certified teacher with my own classroom...
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    Anyone who made it with some ADHD and a late start in STEM?

    I should have quoted the op. It was him I was responding to, not the poster struggling with drawing. I should have been more specific. Sorry. You're right though that getting ADHD under control will not make you good at something you cannot do. Although since ADHD people often rush things...
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    Anyone who made it with some ADHD and a late start in STEM?

    I have severe ADHD and am in my 40s. My undergrad is in a STEM field, I have a Masters in education and a post grad certification in behavior analysis. I am, however, a math person. I can easily do math all day and forget to even eat. Many people with adhd can focus (even hyper focus) once they...
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    Classical Find the Best Physics Books - Special Thanks to Micromass

    I love the Kleppner one. But IMHO none are good until you have a firm grasp on calculus. Personally when I started re-studying, I only concentrated on math. Otherwise it's like building a beautiful castle on a weak foundation. I'm not sure your motivation but if it's a future in physics...
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    Why are students permitted to use calculators on AP math?

    I agree the lack of number sense prevents students from being able to see that their answer makes no sense. At the point they can use a calculator the time for developing this is long gone though. IMHO, the issue is that in elementary and middle school math is rushed. The amount of information...
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    Why are students permitted to use calculators on AP math?

    Former teacher here. I was in college in the early 90s and we were allowed to use simple calculators in exams. I have yet to see a kid who knows nothing about calc be able to solve a problem just because they have a calculator. If they are smart enough to figure out how to use the calculator...
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    Path to follow to learn maths and physics this year before school (sept 2015)

    I'm kind of in the same boat except my undergrad is in physics but I graduated a long time ago. I'm using MIT open courseware. It's free and goes to graduate level in both math and physics. Good luck.
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    Engineering Switch Career from Engineering to Teaching?

    Typically, you pick the assignments you want. Most districts use a computer system where I am. The sub logs in and sees what jobs are available and selects one, if they want. You are always free to refuse an assignment, if you are offered one directly. Teachers can also refuse to have a...
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    Engineering Switch Career from Engineering to Teaching?

    Unfortunately, it is more likely they didn't want to pay you. A teacher's pay is determined by a combination of experience and education. You also have to be certified first before you will be considered. Not sure if you were. To OP, as a former sped and middle and high school teacher I would...
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    Should I give up on astrophysics and study something else?

    Money won't make up for a job you hate. Do what you love. I would advise a physics undergrad. You can specialize in grad school. There is so much in physics to love/research. You will probably change your mind with each new course. Job outlook and salaries change. If your potential field...
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    Mature student/returning to school

    Thanks for your advice. Lol to the four kids under 15 months. I would be in a padded room. I have left my job to begin studying. My plan is to do so full-time. I have help with the baby. I can spend about eight hours a day studying. I am very lucky to have a baby who sleeps eleven hours a...
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    Mature student/returning to school

    That is great to hear. It gives me hope.
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    Mature student/returning to school

    Thanks for your reply and all of the resources. I am so excited and can't wait to look at them. I am lucky that I have a very supportive husband to help with the kids. My 13 year old also loves physics so he has already offered to be a study buddy. He blows me away and is comprehending...
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    Mature student/returning to school

    Hello all, I am thinking of returning to school to complete a PhD in Physics and hopefully work in particle or astrophysics. I will be 43 in August and think a PhD would be a perfect 50th birthday present to me, along with the knowledge it brings. Of course, I am nervous about my age but I...