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    Engineering 6 input Majority circuit

    Homework Statement A majority circuit is a combinational circuit whose output is equal to 1 if the input variables have more 1’s than 0’s. The output is 0 otherwise. Design a 6-input majority circuit Homework Equations Probably not applicable here The Attempt at a Solution First...
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    Invisibility Cloak - Read about Latest Developments

    Here's what I don't get though. Suppose that such a cloak did exist. Now suppose light were to enter at a spot near your right shoulder and exit out your left. For one, it would have to exit at the EXACT same direction that it entered. Any bending of the fabric would destroy the illusion...
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    Determining if logical matrix represents a partial order

    If we represent a relation using a logical matrix (so that if (a,b) is present in the relation then the element at row a and column b in the matrix is a 1), is there any way to determine that this matrix represents a partial order using matrix operations? For example, if we have the relation...
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    Axioms & Faith: What's the Difference?

    That clarifies things a bit. But let me give an example of one such axiom believed on "faith", from Euclid's Elements: "It is possible to draw a straight line from any point to any other point." He argues that since there is no evidence in nature of a perfectly straight line, we have to...
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    Axioms & Faith: What's the Difference?

    So are we essentially taking it on faith that the universe is deterministic?
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    Axioms & Faith: What's the Difference?

    That's true. I was thinking more about faith based beliefs that can't be disproven (like with Russell's Teapot).
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    Axioms & Faith: What's the Difference?

    I had a question about axioms. Assuming I understand this correctly, axioms can neither be proven nor disproven; they are self-evident definitions that we have made to simplify math. So someone (with a strong religious motivation I might add) said that axioms are based on faith. You can't...
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    Efficiency with a combustion engine

    From Wikipedia: "Combustion generates a great deal of heat, and some of this transfers to the walls of the engine." This would also explain why your engine overheats when the RPM is in the red zone for too long, because more heat is being lost by conducting into the engine. So, here's my...
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    Efficiency with a combustion engine

    I've been trying to understand why fuel economy decreases when the engine gets into higher RPMs. That is, if you put the pedal to the metal and quickly accelerate to 40 MPH, your engine operates much less efficiently than if you slowly accelerated to 40 MPH. Here's where it seems the...
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    Can a conspiracy theorist assert his claims without lying?

    I'm thinking that it is possible, but very very unlikely. A regular theory works something like this; you gather observations, and you create a theory to explain the observations. By Occam's Razor, you will probably pick the theory that makes the most sense and does not try to insert any...
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    Time travel question

    From what I've seen, most speculations of time travel seem to say that when you go back in time, everything else around you returns to an earlier state that it used to be. For example, if you stand outside your house and go back in time, the house will "un-build" itself and there will be nothing...