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    Beauty in the Universe - A Debate

    in the eye of the beholder for me it's that old saying, but please would you tell a young child that because she's has a MARK on her nose that is she ugly (i hope the answer is NO to that) thats my answer
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    Proof that free will exists

    free or not to be free that is the question? to be free in this world requires money because you can choose what you do day to day, but for the poor man who dreams of riches he has to work every day or get lucky, but if he did'nt what to be rich he is free to do what he want even though he can...
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    Can We Eliminate Violence and Evil in the World?

    what happens if we could get rid of the violence in the world the evil in man, is it possible to get rid of itonce and for all and what would our world be like? would be a utopia or just a lot of human living a meanless life with nothing? i ask these questions so maybe in our own small...
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    Exploring the Existence of Life: Questions and Answers

    How do we know that we are alive right now? or for that matter are we dead? , we call this life but is it a illusion ? i mean am i typing this right now onto a PC or am i thinking about typing this and some of you are seeing this in your minds eye? to many question not enough answers.
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    Are We Heading Anywhere? Ideas Welcome!

    has anyone got a new idea of where we could be heading? it either into space, or to the bottom of the sea, or into cyberspace, does anyone think that we are actual heading anywhere? it just seems like chaos and with no clear goal we will just end up going around in circles forever any...
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    Searching for Direction in a Sea of Ideas

    we need new ideas, we need to move us (the human race) toward somthing at the moment it seems like a chaos of ideas which only help to give us more chaos. unless some takes us in a direction we are actual going around in circles I AM JUST MAD OR AM I RIGHT? where do we head...
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    Exploring Good and Evil: Where Do We Draw the Line?

    a good time to do evil i think this depends on what your view point is "like most things" , one person says "i'm doing good for the world by commint this act", but the act is evil to the person it is happening too. i think this question can only be answered by the moral's of the person doing...
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    The Perfect World: Can It Exist?

    what is perfection? eye of the beholder, so the saying goes but what's perfect for one person would be hell for another,
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    Philosophy: The Replication Of The Thought Virus Among The Human Society

    meme to me where i work its a dull place and my job is a dull job but what makes it worse is the fact i have to look, read, input death every day , and this i swaer does affect you after you have worked here for a long enough, but the thoughts that this produces i swear are from the work i do ...
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    Human Race Committing Suicide: What's Going On?

    why is the human race commiting suicide? we tell ourselfs that we are advancing but we are doing everything to kill each other as well as comit suicide weather directly or indirectly , comments please
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    Consciousness matrix

    i see what you mean i can see what your driving at but looking at the matrix could we see that code , or is there a code as in the film , to truly see everything we might have to die and be reborn , but since a baby knows the wounders of the entire story of god (everything) but could not...
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    Exploring Love: A Human & Beyond-Human Journey

    why is love or the concept of love our automatic responce to life , why not hate or fear or anything else , i believe that love is in us as a programe it drives us , it needs us but does it make the world go around or is that just money (ha ha) , love for all the joy and fear it gives us i...
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    What Is Your Definition of "God"?

    god is everything and nothing , maybe a constant state of a qutam universe a particle here then not! maybe just a belief in a god so we can justife to ourselfs that the devil does evil things 9when we actual do) and GOD would put it right but whatever god is or was because he/she/it could...
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    How did the word "God" come about?

    the devil in the works just to move the point along , when the word GOD was choosen , what about Devil or evil again some one chose that and some one had linked it to doing bad things (that is a matter of what point of view you are seening from) but all these questions can there every be a...
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    Time: What Is It?

    O K a quick question , but what is time? i know we make time by using clocks , day ,weeks , seasons , but that is our way , but are there diffrent times (linked) to interdimensal strings are they diffrent from normal time (what we live in now) just a question?
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    How did the word "God" come about?

    back in history we choose the word "GOD". why? and what made us choose this word any connect it with "a power that knows everthign ,see's everything and created everything?" , why did'nt we choose a word like "tick or butterface?" and this brings another question why?
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    Do you ignore yourself?

    yes see HUMANS is you see my HUMANS the whole race refuses to see itself as it really is.
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    Why do humans have guilt?

    why should we (humans) have guilt? , why should some of us feel gulity over small matters why big stuff (war) we don't , does guilt come from us or from socity laws and rules? should guilt be renamed into something else , has guilt in some people been looked over , why guilt?