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    Lift required to sustain a refueling jet

    Homework Statement A jet is refueled in mid-air by a tanker. The fueling boom enters the aircraft at an angle of 30 degrees from its flight path. The fuel flow rate is 20kg/s at a velocity of 30m/s with respect to the two aircrafts. The density of the fuel is 700kg/m^3 What is the additional...
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    Overshoot when solving damping differential equations

    I am trying to solve and plot the differential equations for springs. when the damping factors are under 1 (underdamping), I tried damping ratios of: 0.01, 0.2, 0.1, 0.4, 0.8 If I use the following equations (wd= damped frequency, wn= natural frequency, v0= v initial, x0= x initial, t=...
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    Code for finding the lift coefficient of NACA

    I'm trying to code a method to find the lift coefficient of a NACA airfoil using panel method. (Coding mentioned below is MATLAB) There are two things I am stuck at: 1) Finding the coordinates of NACA Usually we use the given general formula for camber. However as we all know, if we...
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    An axis-symmetric satellite is freely spinning in the space.

    Homework Statement An axis-symmetric satellite is freely spinning in the space. The moments of inertia and the angular velocity at t=0 are as follows: Ix=200kgm2 Iy=Iz=100kgm2 wx=10rad/sec wy=1rad/sec wz=0 (a) Calculate the angular momentum of the satellite (b) What is the nutation...
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    Angular Momentum of plates

    Homework Statement The bent plate has a mass of 70kg per square meter of surface area and revolves about the z-axis at the rate w=30rad/sec. Determine the angular momentum H of the plate about the z-axis. (Neglect the mass of the hub and the thickness of the plate)...
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    Helicopter rotor acceleration

    How would you calculate the acceleration of the following two points? [Broken] Uploaded with ImageShack.us1) The tip of the helicopter blade The diameter of the hub = d The length of the rotor = l The flapping angle: theta = A...
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    There are two bodies colliding Simulate the collision phenomena by num

    Homework Statement There are two bodies colliding Simulate the collision phenomena by numerical integration. (1) Confirm that the total kinetic energy is conserved if you ignore the damping forces. (2) Show that the total kinetic energy is reduced through collision if there exists any...
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    Making/Inducing/Forming a current

    Is it possible to induce a current with just heating? i.e. if we have metal rods (conducting/non-conducting rods) and a heat source, can we make current and determine the direction and amount of current (if possible in relation to the heat energy)?