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    Entropy, heat death and black holes

    Your talking about 'Hawking Radiation" What happens is that particle/anti particle pairs that come into existense at or near the BH event horizon become seperated. One particle gets sucked in due to the BH, and the other escapes, therefore the BH slowly losses mass over time. It has temperature...
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    How can I teach myself math

    Hey thanks for the input. I'm already finding this helpful. I need to start thinking about buying some specific books, as well as other alt. I'm just wondering, is this khan academy a website? I'm a little confused, as I don't get out much. :D
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    How can I teach myself math

    Ok thanks. As to your question. My more specific problem is the interpretation of the math as expressed by the character of the said book. I can never seem to understand 'why' this works, and what it pertains to in real life. Thank you for your advise!
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    How can I teach myself math

    I've been interested in math and physics sense middleschool. However, I have never pursued a higher education in the matter, other then what I have taught myself. I would like to go to college soon, but in the mean time was wondering on ways that I could get myself prepared. I've done some...
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    Schrodinger's Cat - your opinions

    The Schrodinger's cat experiment makes me wonder where the difference between the macroscopic, and QM worlds meet. I think that it can be called the 'measurment problem'. I think that when wondering as to the outcome of the cat, the ultimate question is instead; At what level do superpositions...
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    Is the universe a hologram?

    Hi. I've always been fascinated by black holes. I have recently leared something new about them. It is regards to whether or not information that enters a black hole is lost or somehow preserverd? This is an important question because if it is the former case, then black holes would violate...
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    Has entrophy in the univerese increased throughout it's life.

    To me its as a question of how we came to be here, if it's natural for the U to de-evolve in any time direction. Entropy is a time-symmetric law. It's not the case that in the past their was litlle entropy, and that in time there became slowly more. Even if we traveled back in time we should...
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    Low entropy big bang Where am I going wrong with this interpretation?

    I just have a specualtion regarding something marcus said in his discussion with Geodesik worm. It seems to me our ability to comrepehend, or interpret the U seems to drasticly decrease in very early times. (I think). Doesnt this imply something very strange at the very beggining of time? I...
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    Has entrophy in the univerese increased throughout it's life.

    Im just wondering if all this serves to avoid the question on as to why entropy seems so low right now? Does entopy itself really need to be explained?