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    News Beginning of the end for government-funded scientific research [in America]?

    Yes, the United States has little to no chance of recovering back to what it once was. I suggest all scientists attempt to make their way to Canada and Europe.
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    Why did you choose to study science? Survey

    Excuse me, "{~}", but this is undoubtedly not the only place where the survey has spread to and the idea is to have anyone who is in academics or who has studied science in the past anywhere in the world take the survey. Obviously there will be a qualitative analysis of the demographic, which is...
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    Why did you choose to study science? Survey

    This is an excellent survey! I just completed it and I think everyone that is either, a professor, working in industry, or currently studying science in school should finish it. Thanks for informing us!
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    What would it be like to be more or less conscious?

    Do LSD and you'll realize what "more" is like. :P