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    Flux through a square

    O.k so i wouldn't do the angle perpendicular? So i put in cos (30) 30 \ --------\----------> ---------\----------> ----------\----------> -----------\----------> sorry don't know if the 30 degrees being there matters. When i put in the cos (30) i didn't get that ( does my...
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    Flux through a square

    Homework Statement The flux through a square plate, area 1 m^2, inclined at at an angle of 30 degrees to a field of strength of 100 N/C is ------\-------> -------\-------> --------\-------> ---------\-------> Homework Equations Flux=EACos(degree) The Attempt at a...
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    Motion in a Plane: Solving Velocity & Speed Problems

    so does it look like this ? Thanx for the help __ _ /_| __ /___|_40 m/s *=48 degress 20/____| _ / *___| x component is 20m/s*cos(48)=13.38 y component is 20 m/s*sin(48)=14.86 P.s couldn't get it to look like a triangle /_|
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    Motion in a Plane: Solving Velocity & Speed Problems

    Have no idea how to start this probelm if anybody could help thank you Homework Statement A cargo ship carrying 50 tons of coffee is initially traveling North with a speed of 40 m/s. Five minutes later, the cargo ship is traveling at 20 m/s into san Fransico bay in a direction 48 degress...
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    Impulse Momentum: Comparing Forces

    [b]1. 2) A car is moving at 60.0 m/s and crashes into a wall. The messenger is not wearing his seat belt. a. What is the average force acting on the passenger of 70 kg if he is brought to rest by a collision with the windshield and dashboard that lasts 3.5 ms. b. Compare this value of the...
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    What is the momentum (magnitude and direction )

    Homework Statement 1) A 4000kg freight car, moving at 4.0 m/s northwards, collides and couples with a 6000 kg freight car, which was initially at rest. a) What is the momentum (magnitude and direction ) of the 4000 kg freight car before the collision? b) What is the momentum of the two...