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    Angle of initial velocity

    okay so i tried splitting the horizontal and vertical components, but in the end and it doesn't accomplish anything because you get 2 unknown variables, also how would you account for the givens, such as, at half the max height you have 3/4 the initial velocity? also i have tried using the...
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    Angle of initial velocity

    Homework Statement At half its maximum height, the speed of a projectile is three-fourth its initial speed. What is the angle of the initial velocity vector with respect to the horizontal Homework Equations any projectile equation The Attempt at a Solution ?
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    Rocket Acceleration, position and velocity

    Homework Statement "The acceleration of a certain rocket is given by a=Ct, where C is a constant. (a) Find the general position function x(t). (B) Find the position and velocity at t=5 s if x= 0 and v= 0 at t=0 and C= 3 m/s^3" so a= Ct t=5s x=0 v=0 t=0 C= 3...