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    Equivalent angles and Trig Fucntions

    Homework Statement A block with mass M is held statically on an overhang by a force Mg applied horizontally and the force of friction on the overhang. What are the normal and frictional forces? For what angles θ does the block remain at rest? The Attempt at a Solution In the picture...
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    Electric potential at certain point from charged sphere

    Let's say I have a sheet of charge that is composed of a certain amount of charged atoms summing up to Q and a certain area A. The charge density would be Q/A = σ. I wish to find the elctrostatic potential from the sheet at point X. I believe that the electric potential should follow the...
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    Incident Flux On Blackbody

    Thanks! I see how to do it now. I "knew" how to solve it. The concepts just weren't clicking. Gracias!
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    Incident Flux On Blackbody

    Homework Statement Imagine you are trying to detect a Jupiter-like planet located 7.5E11 m from a Sun-like star. At what wavelength is the peak of the planet's Planck blackbody intensity function (assume the planet is a perfect blackbody)? Radius of Planet r = 7E7 m Radius of Star R =...