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    Question about Poisseuille's law and blood flow

    I know that rate of flow is equal to pi*(P1-P2)*R^4/8nL. For blood in the coronary artery, I know the pressure drop, and the radius of the artery. What is the viscosity of blood? I can't find this value anywhere! And what value should I enter for L (distance L along a tube)? Is there an...
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    Quick dot product question

    What is the dot product of a unit vector (e) with a non-unit vector (A)? Is this some sort of identity? Thanks, don_anon25
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    Free expansion of an ideal gas

    Is there a different approach to this problem other than the one I've taken? I know: Q=0, W=0, dU=0, p1, and T1=T2. How do I get p2?
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    Free expansion of an ideal gas

    The problem is that I only have the temperature and pressure of the entering gas, and no other data. Any ideas? Here's the actual problem: An ideal gas is allowed to expand freely into an evacuated chamber. The pressure of the entering gas is 5 bar and it has a temperature of 45 degrees...
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    Free expansion of an ideal gas

    For the free expansion of an ideal gas into an evacuated chamber, I know that Work=0 and Q=0. Correct? This implies that the change in internal energy dU also equals 0. Since U depends solely on T, this should mean that the final temperature of the chamber is equal to the temperature of the...