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    Newbie Needs IC Recommendations - Get 20 Free Now!

    So I recently got a flyer saying I can apparently order 20 free analog ICs from Texas Instruments. Being the newby that I am, I honestly don't know what I should get. Any suggestions?
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    Finding the Potential (Kirchoff's Law)

    Okay I understand everything but the very end. What calculations did you do to get those two numbers?
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    Finding the Potential (Kirchoff's Law)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations V=IR ƩV = 0 The Attempt at a Solution Starting behind the left EMF source I sum the potential changes using Kirchoff's Voltage Law 150V - R2I - 50V - R1I = 0 Solving for I, I get 20Amps However I know this can't be right...
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    Solving a Displacement Problem with a Spring Force of 50 N/m

    Oh, okay I understand now thanks! I actually found a way right before checking this post, using the energy equations. W = Fx E = -.5kx^2 Fx = -.5kx^2 F = .5kx x = -2F/k x = -2*-3N/50 = .12m So if I want the final state of a spring but I don't want to do calculations involving...
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    I suddenly thought of this. acceleration vs velocity vectors

    When the velocity and acceleration are in opposite directions, depending on the situation, it could mean it's slowing down such as when you apply the brakes on a car. But in situations such as free fall it means at first in the vertical direction the object is going to slow down, then change...
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    Solving a Displacement Problem with a Spring Force of 50 N/m

    Okay so we have a block attached to a spring with a spring constant of 50 N/m. The spring is in the relaxed state. We apply a force 3N along the positive x direction. The block moves along the x axis,stretching the spring until the block finally stops. What is the block's displacement? When the...