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    Equation cropping up in Kronig Penny model

    Homework Statement how does one solve the following equation to obtain E as a function of K. Homework Equations cos(k*a)=P*sin(u*a)/u*a + cos(u*a), where u=sqrt(2*m*E)/h-bar The Attempt at a Solution theres no way this can be solved analytically,however how to go...
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    Degeneracy and orthogonality

    Fine but how do you go about the proof? forget about in the wavemechanics just a general proof in bra-ket notation,showing that degenerate states are orthonormal.
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    Degeneracy and orthogonality

    Homework Statement Are all electronis states orthonormal? I mean the degenerate states ie [n,l,m>states corresponding to same energy for example can one write [2,0,0>=a[2,1,-1>+b[2,1,0>+c[2,1,+1> Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution for example can one write...