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    Smack the Penguin: Test Your Skills & Have Fun!

    HA! His fabulous cooking is no match for me! I just act like I have no will of my own. Reverse psychology: He thinks he has superpowers, I get fed, and it insures more fabulous meals in the future! :wink: Shhh... don't tell Tom, he might stop cooking for me.
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    Science & Marriage: Impact on Each Other

    Why would you ever want to date a normal person? :eek:
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    Science & Marriage: Impact on Each Other

    Well, when a girl scientist and a boy scientist like each other a lot, they try to impress one another with their intelectual prowess. If their witty banter goes well they exchange tokens of their mutual affection (such as a calculator or a Schaum's outline). If they stay together long...
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    Smack the Penguin: Test Your Skills & Have Fun!

    You just had to drag me into this :grumpy: didn't you. I'm going to stuff you into a cannon and find out how far you fly! "Oh, wait, MIH, once you get him in your sights, if he's cute, don't shoot! " He won't be so cute after I launch him across the Hudson river :devil:
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    Do we have to obey physics

    There is nothing that tells us 'things must obey these descriptions' absolutely every single time. This is the big difference between science and other explanations (ie religion) for the state of the world around us. Scientific theories must be falsifiable. When we observe something which...
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    Root of all evil

    Evil trees? o:) Actually, I'm curious. What is your definition of evil? I don't think I could really comment on the 'cause of all evil' without knowing your definition of evil itself.