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    Calculus problems (hmmt)

    thank you all the way...
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    Calculus problems (hmmt)

    i think so... but since we have +7 and -7 and so on...why isn't it 150?
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    Calculus problems (hmmt)

    The question is :"The polynomial 3x5-250x3+735x is interesting because it has the maximum possible number of relative extrema and points of inflection at integer lattice points for a quintic polynomial. What is the sum of the x-coordinates of these points?" I think the answer is 0, but it's...
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    Chemistry Simple Mole Conversions

    and then let 32.3 L = x mol at STP. you can get x. do you know how to do now? (forget that equation...for this problem, it is useless.)
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    Find |z| & z-1 with Z = 5+2i

    set z=a+bi, then |z|=sqrt(a*a+b*b)...then you can do the first one. for the second one, it is 1/z. 1/z=1/(5+2i)=(5-2i)/29