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    Parallel-Plate Vacuum Capacitor

    If a parallel-plate vacuum capacitor, with its plates separated by a distance of x1 has an amount of energy equal to U stored in it. The separation is then decreased to x2 . What is the energy now stored if the capacitor was disconnected from the potential source before the separation of...
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    Finding the ratio of the inner and outer radii

    I'm not sure how to use the formula in this problem (C/L = (2*pi*E_0)/(In(r_b/r/a)), A cylindrical air capacitor with a length of L stores an amount of energy equal to W when the potential difference between the two conductors is V. So the magnitude of the charge on each conductor would be 2W/V...
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    Geiger Counter and Potential Difference

    In this problem I am getting stuck on how to find the potential difference. I don't know where to begin. In a Geiger Counter suppose the radius of the central wire is 145 micrometers and the radius of a hollow cylinder is 1.80 cm. What potential difference between the wire and the cylinder...