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    Why do electrical engineering students have to study computer programming

    I think it depends which area of electrical engineering you want to concentrate on. Let's say that you are interested in solid state devices, then you might not ever use traditional HLLs like C or python, but you would definitely need good programming skills with mathematical software like...
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    Antennas for Tx433/RX433

    HI, I am using tx433/Rx433 RF modules to transfer some data between two AVRs. I know that we have to use 30-35 cm simple wires as antennas. I send out out two bytes. The second byte is the actual data , and first byte is to get rid of unwanted information. However, I have a hard time...
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    DS18S20 with Atmega16

    Thank's a lot! Turns out I was using bottom view as top view and messed up Vcc and ground pins. It works fine now. I am surprised the chip didn't blow up.
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    DS18S20 with Atmega16

    Hi, I checked the resistor to make sure it was 4.7kohms. So, if Vdd pin is connected to 5v and ground pin to ground , the data pin (center pin) has voltage of ~5v ( after disconnecting the resistor). Does it mean the chip is bad?
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    DS18S20 with Atmega16

    Hi, I am trying to use digital temperature sensor DS18S20( with Atmega16( I am using it in a non-parasite mode i.e. Vdd is connected to external power source(Vcc) and Data pin is...
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    Analog to digital conversion for a project

    This sounds interesting. So I am trying to use as few digital components as possible just as a challenge. Do you think it would work if I used R2R ladder instead of DAC ( the problem I run in there is that apparently: "On a printed circuit...
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    Analog to digital conversion for a project

    Hey guys, I am trying to do analog to digital conversion for a project. I don't want to use the digital chip, but want to do it in analog. I need 8-bit resolution. I found one approach: string resistor ladder. It uses 2^n-1 resistors. For 8-bit conversion I will have to use 255 resistors...
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    Building a Quadcopter from Scratch - Tips & Resources

    I want to build a 2.4 GHz FM transmitter and receiver. ( One of the allowed bands by FCC). I still haven't zeroed on the transmitter/receiver design though. Any suggestions?
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    Building a Quadcopter from Scratch - Tips & Resources

    I am planning to build a quadcopter from the scratch. I tried to do some research online, and am not happy with what I found. Everyone used Aurdino boards, and just connected the parts together. eg. I want to build all electronic components myself like wireless FM...
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    Hybrid analog/digital project

    I am looking for suggestions for a hybrid analog/digital project. I have built an ultrasonic rangefinder before, and am now ready to tackle something more difficult and exciting. I found a lot of examples of such projects, but I am looking for something new and innovative.
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    Programs Which Major and School for Nanotech

    Major: Electrical Engineering Applied Physics School: Stanford Caltech MIT Cornell
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    Engineering Hot Electrical Engineer Jobs

    Parallel Processing GPUs
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    How to get hired as an EE/CE

    First of all you should identify a field of EE/CE that excites you. Are you looking for more computer engineering oriented internship where you will get to work on CPUs, graphics cards, FPGAs , etc. or are you looking for more electrical engineering side where you can do analog design, signal...
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    Getting started in electronics for non-EEs? Basics?

    I would recommend Its an excellent book to get hands-on experience with various experiments. The labs are exciting , and you will feel like you accomplished something by the time you go through it. It is used for intro phys lab courses in...
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    The first programming language you learned?

    Basic, LOGO and then FoxPro ( this was in late 90s) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Op-Amp vs Crystal Oscillator: 40kHz Sine Wave

    I know I built that one and got around 40 Khz. I wasn't too happy with distortion and precision. I was considering building a quadrature oscillator, but wanted to know what people thought about using crystal ones.
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    Op-Amp vs Crystal Oscillator: 40kHz Sine Wave

    Is it better to use an op-amp oscillator or a crystal oscillator to produce 40 Khz sine wave?
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    GPU Programming: Exploring Benefits of Faster Computing
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    Would a 10GHz CPU be as fast as a 2.5 GHz quad core CPU?
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    Exploring Bill Gates' AI Research in the 1970s

    There is more to making it big in Silicon valley than just a good idea and good marketing skills. A lot of good ideas sank down because of the incorrect timing. Once I had an interview with a top notch executive . He told me a story about how he took 2 years off from the company to launch his...
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    Exploring Complex 10-Week FPGA Projects

    @berkeman : thanks for the support @DanP : I really love commodore 64, but I think I won't learn much since I have already done 8-bit processor before. I have finally zeroed on JPEG decoder.( My other top choice was LPC speech synthesis but its too easy for a 10 week project, and a bit...
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    Exploring Complex 10-Week FPGA Projects

    @ kenneth_man : sounds interesting but i am not sure I would want to do that @ Mike in plano : haha got to love those pld's ..did you use ABEl or PALASM? your project sounds neat will definitely think more along those lines @ ranger : i am alright in VHDL I guess ..I did couple of small...
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    Exploring Complex 10-Week FPGA Projects

    Any ideas for 10 week FPGA project?? I am looking for something on complexity of FM radio receiver , MPEG decoder etc.
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    Electrical Engineering Senior Design Project Ideas

    Software Defined Radio would be a good project. You can easily finish it off in a term. In case you have time left you can add a lot of extra features for "wow" factor. Typically you can use FPGA and write software in C or VHDL. You can also use a DSP if you can get hold of the fast enough. I...
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    Computer System Engineering: Hardware or Software Major?

    As a computer engineer you will deal with both hardware and software. On the hardware side you will be presented with basic electrical concepts like analog and digital. You will probably have more courses in digital electronics( DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs, COmputer Architecture etc.) in your junior and...
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    Bad undergrad education overall

    I am a junior in Electrical Engineering. Usually employers are interested in the research and hands-on projects you have done. While doing an internship before is an advantage, getting an internship even during their freshman year is not that tough. Likewise the seniors from my college that I...
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    Bad undergrad education overall

    Yes I don't generally mention GPA on my resume unless the company requires it, and usually get called for all the jobs that I apply.
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    Bad undergrad education overall

    NOT TRUE..scientific companies look for knowledge and your ability to deliver rather then your GPA. I have given interviews multiple times without even mentioning my GPA. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Bad undergrad education overall

    Usually the requirements are more relaxed if you apply for masters at your own university. So if i were you I would look that up. Overall there are a lot of colleges , and if you apply to right places you will get a place in masters program. Since employers only look at your most recent degree...
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    Building professor relationship

    I would suggest avoiding returning the favor with money. It might easily offend him. While talking to his girlfriend is a good idea, you should realize that it is customary for researchers to take out their students for dinner etc. The best way you can repay him is by putting more effort in you...
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    Bad undergrad education overall

    A lot of financial companies hire physics graduates. I would suggest getting a master's degree in physics, and applying for these jobs. Else you can get degree in applied physics , and get a nice job in semiconductor industry. You can easily scout for colleges where you can finish masters in a...
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    Electric engineering programming language

    If you want to get involved with microprocessors/microcontrollers/FPGA etc. I would suggest first learning some basic assembly language like x86, and play around with Intel80188 for example. While its true you can write the code in C for microprocessors it defeats the purpose because it is a...
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    Good Windows Circuit Simulator Software

    It depends what kind of circuit you want to simulate.SPICE is the best for analog circuits. I also like EDA tool, you can find it for free online ( it's open source). There are a lot of good digital cicuit simulators out there. Eg, Logisim (free), klogic etc. There are also some more specific...
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    Understanding the Physics Behind Common Emitter Transistors

    I looked through this article, and the explanation is pretty good: otherwise you can get hold of this book:
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    Help in finding books

    A good book in this field : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    The Limit of Moore's Law

    I believe the next decade (and maybe couple more after that as well) is going to see further evolution of multi-core processing. Currently we have symmetric multi-core systems (dual cores, quad cores, etc ) available commercially. The next step is asymmetric multi-core systems and dynamic...
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    Is there any program I could download to display my CPU temperature?

    This article has a detailed description how to check CPU temp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Evaluating Windows 7: Pros & Cons

    I bought my computer in June '09 , sometime before windows 7 was out, so I got stuck with Vista (my previous comp had XP). Now, a lot of my friends upgraded to 7 and I got to try it out . While it has some good feaures, and a little more stable than vista, I don't think its worth the upgrade (...
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    Good book for electricity

    Art of Electronics by Horowitz -------------------------------------------
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    Can anybody recommend a book for electrical engineering?

    While Art of Electronics is probably the best book I have read so far ( in electronics), it might prove to be a little dry and tricky for a novice. I would suggest starting with "Electrical Engineering :Principles and Applications" by Allan Hambley. Once you are comfortable with concepts you can...
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    Are there any programs I can use to simulate a sinwave?

    Use Mathematica to plot a sine wave. It has a very simple syntax and short learning curve. Alternatively use a graphic calculator or any plotter software available online for free. ------------------------------------------
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    I choosing classes for school

    If you are interested in computer hardware you should definitely take Advanced Electronics. As your second elective you should take Digital Signal Processing. It is very important for applications in digital electronics, for example if you want to build a software radio in an FPGA or DSP you...