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    Most touching poem, song, or except that evoked your feelings?

    There a few songs that always get me going and they are from my new home country and my motherland 1st is Dave Dobbyn's - Welcome Home (amaing New Zealand Song), I first heard it at very good friend's funeral when he passed away after being diagnosed with prostate cancer The 2nd song...
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    Do You Have Kids? Age, Timing & More

    aww what an adorable son you have!
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    Anyone here in MENSA?

    I take that back... we do have it just nobody has joined... and if they have they don't talk about it
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    Anyone here in MENSA?

    Is MENSA an American Thing? I've never heard of it over here or in south africa...
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    Getting help - indication?

    I usually don't ask for help, especially not in front of the whole class I don't want to feel like I've asked a stupid question. I'd prefer to go and research it in my own time. If I still really don't understand it I will ask a friend to help or take the question to my study group, or ask a...
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    Favourite Quotes

    I love the haka! It's the part of the rugby I just can't miss :tongue: Glad to see you can still talk about the ABs with pride!
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    Do You Have Kids? Age, Timing & More

    I have no children. I want to be married before I have children and want to be financially stable, I'd like to be able spend the 1st few years of my kids life teaching them and looking after them. I don't want to leave them at a day care centre at such a young age. I think the perfect age for me...
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    I went to a ghost town the other day... it was scary! It's an old abandoned lumbar jack village that no one has lived in for over half a century. The houses are all falling appart and it's in the middle of nowhere (no cellphone reception or electricity!) And apparently a ghost of a little girl...
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    No I want a naughty zebra. So what's the moral of the story?
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    Anyone play Badminton here?

    I use to play it twice a week for fun, and my friend was one of the top in south afirca why's that?
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    I'm really bad at English

    I use to watch the lion king in zulu when I was 7 haha that was awsome then few years latter watched the lion king in french as well hehe
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    I'm really bad at English

    Don't worry about it, from what you have written it sounds like your english is great! We had a girl from korea who won the Head Scholar award at our school and she had only been speaking english for 3 or 4 years, she's now studying medicine and is yet again one of the top academic students.
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    Hunter's images stir Bigfoot debate

    Wow I didn't realize the bigfoot actually was a myth I just thought it was a fun movie to watch when I was a kid! Always wanted to meet a bigfoot! They should've taken a clear photo, to me it looks like a prehistoric relative of homosapiens maybe it's an australopithecus anamensis... Or someone...
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    So how much of a do you actually give about the whole 'green' thing?

    The registering, I believe is more about the principles and values that this encompases than anything else... Putting your name down and what you do is the least important part about it. What it is doing is making people realize that the responsibility of looking after the world is up to them...
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    Happy Halloween Birthday Hypatia

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Hypatia... Happy Birthday to You!
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Seeing as people are sharing pictures... [Broken] I'm all grown up now :blushing:
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    ohhh programmer is hot!
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    What do YOU do

    I haven't seen a begger in years... other than the blanket man but he doesn't beg he chooses to be homeless and wander the streets... even made it on to wikipedia :) In NZ the government will supply anyone without a home with an allowance and a house to live in, but they must be willing to...
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    Hmmmm how much is a postage fee? I want the middle one sent over here, air mail and insurance. :approve:
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    3 Phase Power Vs Single Phase Power

    Oh wow thanks soooo much everyone!
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    I Put a Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

    Those pictures are scary! Luckily I don't believe in magic.
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    Time Change in US: When Do Clocks Go Back in Illinois?

    Clocks here (New Zealand) were set back nearly a month ago now. South Africa doesn't put their clocks back... its so confusing... :o
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    Hahaha I hope so!
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    3 Phase Power Vs Single Phase Power

    Oh ok :D Thanks for the help everyone
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    Haha I don't what our department is doing, I do know they are remodelling the whole course after this year and I think they ran out of papers for us to do so decided they would make us learn radiation technology. They can pretty much get us to do any papers they want because we are the only...
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    That's a good idea moonbear I might do that
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    I'm am studying radiation therapy and I understand compton effect and photoelectric effect and all those things, unfortunately they were already tested in radiation physics earlier this year so now I am having to draw the blue prints to building x-ray and linear accelertors and how each of the...
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    Our lecturer for that particular exam told us to just memorise the work because we will not understand any of it until next year. It's all about how x-ray machines and linear accelerators are constructed. Don't get me wrong I do generally enjoy studying and I love the course I am doing and I...
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    How many clocks are there in your home/dwelling?

    We have 35 devices in our house that show the time in the kitchen alone there are 5 (one on each oven, one on the microwave, one on the dishwasher, and one on the wall). Then we have 4 computers, 6 cell phones, way too many alarm clocks and some other things that display the time
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    Staying Motivated and Memorizing for Exams

    HEy Well exam time has started and I have 4 exams in 6 days, so not too happy about that :( Anyway I've been studying hard up until and I've got my 1st exam on friday. But I've got a big problem... I am no longer motivated to study... don't know what has happened.. I sit down in the same spot I...
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    3 Phase Power Vs Single Phase Power

    I have to answer a question on the advantages a 3 phase power supply has for an x-ray machine and the production of x-rays as compared to a single phase power supply. Could you please tell me if I have this correct and if there is anything else I could add? - 3 phase is about 150% more...
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    Moving out, what do I need?

    haha that can't be good for you! ewww disgusting... How did they end up as a cool kid?! cool kids played kissing catches, and did pretty ordinary things, biting your toe nails is just foul! hmmm...
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    Help Needed: Composing a Song for the First Time

    wow that's an awsome idea! Thanks
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    Uncomfortable when it seems people are staring at you?

    A study was done over here and in most cases when you having a feeling someone is staring at you, someone is. So a person was probably watching you whether or not it was the people you think were
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    Help Needed: Composing a Song for the First Time

    It is a great song! Quite inspirational
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive [Broken] heres the super man one
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    My nose gets me on my nerves

    Haha I wish my nose was bigger... I still have one of those lil button noses that only 5 year old kids have hahaha consider yourself lucky to have grown yourself a proper nose
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    Help Needed: Composing a Song for the First Time

    Screaming... Only on occassions But when it comes to screaming in songs no can do... haha thanks cyrus
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    Moving out, what do I need?

    You can't live without an iron! No girl is going to want to go out with a guy who looks like he's slept in his clothes You need an iron appearance means alot! Not to mention if you wanting a job you can't go to the job interview crumpled its an absolute No NO
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    I love that movie! I'd score batman he is so fit...
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    Help Needed: Composing a Song for the First Time

    Well I am having to write a song and I have no idea where to start or what it should be about... I was wondering if you had any ideas on what my song should be about and if you have any tips for composing a song? I have composed purely instrumental pieces before and done arranging of pieces but...
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    Finding the Right Wife: Struggling with Adapting to Married Life Again

    My opinion is that you get out there and maybe start having a look around, meet some new woman and if something clicks then great.. you really can't plan these things to much, there arent calculations you can do because something unexpected always happens. I'd say follow your heart and do what...
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    Size Matters: Bibliometric Analysis of 100 Largest European Universities

    haha r u sure u rnt just saying this too impress? My personal opinion is that big is better
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Haha thanks My mum made both of the costumes as well as a superman and joker one (oh and miss congeniality but that wasnt anything special)
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    Size Matters: Bibliometric Analysis of 100 Largest European Universities

    ah hahaha i thought this was going to be about something different...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    yeah I puurrrr (only when I am happy)
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    This looks awsome! wow I want to try it what a lot of fun hahahaha
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive [Broken] [Broken] Party last night, wow what a great night MEOW
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    Favorite Metal Bands: Share & Watch Videos

    umm sorry I don't listern to metal, I do like old school rock - acdc, led zeplin, motely crue, def leopard, ram jam that sort of stuff
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    Female taller than male partner?

    Wow in NZ that would be counted as above avergae height most females here are about 5'6" Umm I've never dated/kissed or even hugged a guy shorter than me theyve always been slightly or a lot taller (I tend to go for tall guys not sure why that is). But its not that difficult finding guys...