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    Momentum of a particle.

    Here's a question from my workbook that I can't seem to figure out. A proton (mass = 1.6 x 10^27 kg) moves with a speed of 6 Mm/s. Upon colliding elastically with a stationary particle of unknown mass, the proton rebounds on its own path with a speed of 3.6 Mm/s. Find the mass of the unknown...
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    How old is spongebob?

    are you taking into consideration the aging effects of disulfide mixed with sponge?
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    18. Sophie Germaine
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    "Descartes attacked Fermat's method of maxima, minima and tangents. Roberval and Étienne Pascal became involved in the argument and eventually so did Desargues who Descartes asked to act as a referee. Fermat proved correct and eventually Descartes admitted this writing:- ... seeing the last...
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    11. Pythagoras Lol, I had to think to remember what he did. Woops!
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    You say Weierstrass is more important than Newton? :eek: 10. Pascal
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    Design a Fair Golf Schedule for 8 Players: 30 Rounds?

    looks like he made a user name (gloffer=golfer) for someone here to figure out his dilemma.
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    Expand Log(a+b): Tips & Ideas

    I didn't mean that would give you a formula, but if you had a set of data, you could find the regression by plotting x, log y. It's not the answer but it's a way to get it.
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    For my visual basic class we have to make a program about a certain area (math) and 20 great contributors to that field. So I really don't know a whole lot about past Mathematicians, so I came here. :biggrin: Here is who I have so far that I know for sure I want on the list. I need 20, and...
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    My motherboard's sound card is 6.1. My speakers are 5.1. Is that why my sound doesn't work when it's hooked up to the mobo? Does 6.1 not work with 5.1?
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    Hmmm, I looked at each individual file that is contained under the cd and the main one is not digitally signed which means it's not compatible with XP. I'm going to send it back and try and different sound card. :(
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    Ok, this is word for word what it says when I try to install the driver: Cannot Install this Hardware There was a problem installing this hardware: Multimedia Audio Controller An error occurred during the installation of the device Access is denied. Click Finish
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    Alright, I tried to completely reinstall the SC. I uninstalled what "drivers" it supposedly had and took it out dusted it off and stuck it back in. When I started up again it found it. So I ran the cd that came with it and it said it was successful. Still no sound, bad thing is that this company...
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    Expand Log(a+b): Tips & Ideas

    Take the log of Y and graph x, log y.
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    Under my control panel it says that my account (I am the only account) has administrator access. Why would I not be allowed to install the driver? I'm compuzzled. And pagan, I don't understand what you mean't, but if you could explain it more I could check.
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    Studying statistics - career options?

    A lot of statisticians work for businesses and predict future product sales/business growth. They also do surveys in the best interest of whatever the company is doing. I'm in a Stat's class, and I hate it. It's not challenging, just very, very dull.
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    Extremely discouraged by this one guy

    One other thing that a few people sort of said is that you don't know how hard he works at home. You see him in class excelling, when infact, he probably goes home and works for hours just to irritate you.:rofl: And why does he bother you? What's wrong with someone smarter than you? (There...
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    Ok, I looked under the control panel for what was installed under PCI 1 and it said like "Game Control", which has to be my SC because that's the only thing installed in any PCI slot. It also said that the drivers were not installed. That's a good thing I thought since it's a quick fix. So i...
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    yea, I checked again and it's enabled. :cry: I wish it had been disabled.
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    I know it's not muted. I checked in the BIOS and didn't see anything about onboard sound. I'll check once more.
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    No Sound Coming From My Computer

    I made a computer about a month ago and it was the first time I ever built one. When I finished putting everything together and I turned it on, it worked! Everything works fine but I don't get any sound. I was using an on-board sound card and thought that it was just a dud. So I bought a real...
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    All floor friendly material

    Just put a tennis ball on each leg.
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    Extremely discouraged by this one guy

    There is your first problem. Quit seeing it as a negative. Don't let it get to you. You are only hurting yourself. Then again... that might just be the problem.:smile: Coming from an American high school student, don't stereotype me!:rofl:
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    Videogame Programmer: Average Day & Degree Requirements

    You might have more replies Iggy if you said something about this in the computer section of the forums. Many posters there don't see this sub-forum.
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    Preparing for College: How to Get Ready for Physics in College

    I always try to advise against any studying from the web. It's hard for me personally to focus on a computer screen and understand what it's saying. With a book, you can write notes next to a passage or workout a problem on the page. But if you don't have a problem staring at a computer screen...
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    Find the Perfect Computer and Soundproof it for Gaming!

    well I am just going to buy it premade because I haven't made a computer since the turn of the century :redface:
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    Find the Perfect Computer and Soundproof it for Gaming!

    I'm looking for a new computer (mainly for gaming) to get within the next month. I need help with finding a good deal since I have been looking and can't find it exactly. I earned $1200 over the summer and that's what I have to get the computer. I would like to spend only around $1000 on the...
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    PS3 vs Xbox 360: Is it Worth the Wait? [Broken] Nintendo has released their controller. Thoughts? I like it. You can always count on Nintendo for something original.
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    Old and Young Students: Microsoft World Contest

    why would an American company have it in Japan? :(
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    What does it take to get a scholarship to the MIT

    if you're very poor but you could potentially be the next Einstein... Mit ain't cheap you know
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    Schools Do you guys work while attending University?

    If you do work, don't get a job that will wear you out. I work 24 hours a week, which isn't a lot but I'm a lifeguard. Lifeguarding wears me out and I get home to do some homework and I'm too tired to do it. Not a good situation.
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    Areas of mathematics that could be self-taught

    Wierd, the first and only statistics class in my high school is AP stats. I had never heard of other schools having other stats classes before ap stats. Personally I don't think it's needed.
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    Areas of mathematics that could be self-taught

    I'm in AP Statistics and it's a very simple subject IMO. There isn't anything in the field so far that couldn't have been picked up by reading out of a Princeton Review book.
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    Why are women and children saved first?

    let the women survive, so if I do as well, I have a larger selection to pick from :rofl:
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    The private contributers' party

    pulls out some aikido moves and now its a gangfight. ~peace :)
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    Solving Math Problem: sqrt (a^2 - a [delta] d) = a - sqrt(a [delta] d)?

    What is sqrt (a^2 - a [delta] d) equal to? or are you asking to simplify it?
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    Schools Duke Univ. Pre-Med & Mathematics: High School Junior's Perspective

    Emailed duke with a page about myself that I took a lot of time writing and I got back one sentence: "We don't have a dental school." :cry: :rofl: :cry: That was funny and disheartening (can I make up words?) at the same time.
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    Buy HP Laptop for ChemE: Thoughts & Reviews

    you might get more response to types of laptops under the computer section of the forums. And I've had a bad history with hp's so I don't ever touch them.
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    An actual infinite number of marbles

    I've just been reading along and have a question. Actual infinite is not concrete in the sense you can just add another number ( potential), but with labels such as (n-1),(n-2)? If anyone could expand on that I would greatly appreciate it. ~peace
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    Free QBasic Download?

    pardon me, but what's the name of your qbasic version?
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    Men Cleverer than Women, Say Scientists

    Don't forget pascal and the first calculator.
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    Staying Awake in Boring Classes - Is it Normal?

    What I mean is that the class is so boring i fall asleep. And there's no eating, sleeping, or reading a book.
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    Sex ban in Swaziland revoked as King wants a new wife

    if sex is illegial, and they abide by it, then after this generation, everyone in swaziland is dead...dumba$$es edit: hmmmm maybe i should read the link before i post.
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    Kid Owned by Mom on World of Warcraft Forum

    Yea I played WoW over summer ( Esther 60 priest, Nastrodamus 60 warrior, cloie 49 mage). Had to quit because no time for school and a life. " I am a Tauren druid." Moooo...
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    Science Humor: A Wide Selection

    A room of high school seniors are taking their SAT with the examiner. A bell rings and the examiner says "Time's up! Bring your tests to the front of the class on my desk and you can go." All but one student does as he's told and they stack their tests in a pile. The one student left takes 30...
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    Staying Awake in Boring Classes - Is it Normal?

    How do you all stay awake through your boring classes? Every year that's my problem. Maybe it's just me but I can't focus too well when I'm falling asleep.:rofl: Is that normal? lol.
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    Porsche Carrera GT vs Chevy Corvette: Which Is Better?

    Porshe. I always prefer European to American or Japanese if money doesn't matter. If it does, then japan has my vote. I drive an '05 Mazda 3, russ watters. You ought to be ashamed having to ask which country Mazda is. Tisk tisk. P.S. Let's race. zoom zoom.
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    PS3 vs Xbox 360: Is it Worth the Wait?

    As I don't agree with you entropy, it does prove a good point. There wasn't a best in the last generation of consoles (XBOX, PS2, and Gamecube), and there won't be in the next generation. Consoles aren't measured by their power, but the games on it. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Memory Chip Poll: Should We Have a Memory Chip in Our Head?

    I would say no. But the point of the thread was just an idea, not to be taken too realistically.