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    Statically indeterminant problem

    I summed moments about A and the resultant of the components shown doesn't go through point A so you can get V2 and therefore V1. I just solved the rest of it with what he gave assuming a RIGID BODY, using superposition and the geometry given. The additional equation is that H1=H2 for each...
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    Statically indeterminant problem

    This probably should be placed in the homework help section. Your original resultant force appears to go through point A (ie. try summing moments about point A to start finding reactions).
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    Static tests of timbers in structural sizes (ASTM D198-84)

    I know wood grows on trees, and I never said you shouldn't estimate it for general purposes from the NDS handbook. Anyone (you?) that has done experimental work would know that you also want to verify the properties EXPERIMENTALLY for the specimen you are working with for your data and not just...
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    Static tests of timbers in structural sizes (ASTM D198-84)

    I still say that you want to measure the modulus of elasticity for the actual piece of wood that you have, and not pull the modulus from NDS tables. This is because you are under experimental circumstances and not design. Alephzero is likely correct about bearing failure at the supports, but...
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    Trying to make a cantilever with the highest efficiency

    A triangle shaped truss should give the least material for a required strength. But I normally can't use these in practice because of the depth required for them. The most common case you will find is floor beams that are cantilevered out to create a balcony, or roof beams that are...
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    Static tests of timbers in structural sizes (ASTM D198-84)

    I have not done this test but I have done the same bending test setup on concrete beams. I would say when rupture of the bottom wood fibers occur visually, and this should correspond to a maximum on the loading data recorder. You should see from the recorded loading data a maximum load point...
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    Civil Engineering - Structures

    It pisses me off as much as you, trust me. So how do we fix it? Well that will be the choice of the state. I agree. But most engineers are stupid in terms of business so I doubt there will be an agreement reached. If you want a real discussion on this, join and post to the SEAINT...
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    Civil Engineering - Structures

    I agree with everything that Structural Guy said except about the Master's degree. More companies are looking for structural engineers with Masters degrees, and ASCE is even trying to make it where you can't get a PE license without one (even though I doubt it will be accepted). You will have...
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    Civil Engineering - Structures

    You have to start somewhere. All you need is a BS degree to get a PE license. Depending on the company and the part of civil you go in, a Master's may be required (several structural engineering companies I have looked at lately require an MS degree). I don't think I have ever seen it required...
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    PE license for Civil and mechanical engineers

    I work at a multi-discipline company (electrical, mechanical, civil, structural, arch.) and it is every engineer's goal there that I know to get licensed. There is an increase in salary after you get it and it increases the company's credentials when bidding on projects to have 'X' number of...
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    Wanted: Stress and Strain Tutorial

    Beginning basics [Broken]
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    Is Structural Integrity related in any way to Static Friction? Or vice versa?

    Friction is usually taken into account in structural design for cases like sliding of retaining wall footings on soil. Friction is of course part of the reality that makes a structure work as well as lots of other things (if there were no friction, "slip critical bolts" would not work). But...
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    Method of Joints: Bridge Construction Help

    Method of joints refers to balancing forces at the internal joints of trusses in order to find all the internal member forces. If you have a statics book there should be examples to follow, it is pretty easy.
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    Calculating forces vectors etc?

    Does that mean only one of the guy wires will actually be attached or both of them?
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    Designing a Tunnel Under a Sand Pile: Weight Considerations

    Along the top surface, I would look at the force at any location as equal to the vertical weight of the soil directly above. So at the middle of the top surface, force=density*(h-d). And it is a linear decrease down to force=density*h2 at the left and right side of the top. It is basically just...
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    Designing a Tunnel Under a Sand Pile: Weight Considerations

    Is this similar to what you are describing?
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    Engineering Forums: Civil Engineering Discussion & Ideas

    I have hung around mostly also, but I agree their software is the worst. I like physicsforums because there is a wide variety of knowledge and the software is great. Here is one where the environment is much improved, but it just starting so there are very few members and posts...
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    Please HELP Can 2x4 studs support this weight?

    I would expect the same out of ordinary building inspectors in my area. They will note any obvious deficiencies but don't run loads and check member requirements. Try one of these guys. If they are "P.E." they should be able to run loads and check member sizes and connections after they conduct...
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    Solving the Mystery of Spaghetti: Why Can't You Break It in Two?

    I initially misread this post. Is there a link to the New Scientist Magazine article about this? I am having trouble finding it on their website.
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    Air Conditioner Filters

    I will try without the filter and check the flow. I am also in Atlanta and this pollen has been hurting me. It is even worse where I work than at my house. The past 3 weeks I cough and sneeze as soon as I walk in, I need to complain about it.
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    Air Conditioner Filters

    Thanks for the advice. Coincidentally I just ordered a 3M filter from Home Depot online about 15 minutes ago because my brother was saying it was stupid for buying a cheaper one at this time of the year because of the pollen. The furnace has been pulling through 2 cheap filters for several...
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    Air Conditioner Filters

    I didn't know if having them back to back would be any different than having a 4ft separation between 2 of them, in terms of pulling required by the motor. I guess it should not make any difference.
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    Air Conditioner Filters

    I have 2 places to put air filters on my home system. One is a 16x20x1 at the wall intake and the other is 4ft up the same duct at the unit (16x25x1). The filter in the wall is a pain in the ass to change in comparison to the one at the unit. But, they are both usually dirty at 3 months so I...
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    Help with how engineers, architects and contractors interact

    The scenario Russ Watters presented is very realistic in terms of what you are expected to do as an engineer working in a small company. I have been in similar situations many times when I worked at small engineering companies.
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    I-beams size when smaller termination

    It has to do with the moments/forces varying along the length of the beam and saving money. (More depth is required where certain demands on the beam are greater.) Lots of beams are made to be constant along the entire length, they are just standard sizes an engineer can pick to meet the...
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    HELP my 2 story house is falling apart

    You need to get a Professional Engineer experienced in that area to come out and give you a sealed letter based on his inspection. It should cost a couple hundred dollars. He will be able to guide you on who is at fault and on the safeness of the house.
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    Are there any CA structural engineers on this forum?

    I am sure you have it figured out by now, but that whole equation (including Em) is strength level equation. So for ASD, you would divide the Em part by 1.4 and then get to use a 1/3 stress increase if you choose (latest Codes have taken out the 1/3 increase). It is easiest to just start with...