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    Finding projectile speed

    thanks thats what i needed Ty ( :
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    Finding projectile speed

    thought of that but its not that accurate it shoots 2 in airsoft granade shells or AA bateries
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    Time Travel

    it is also impossible to know about something from a distant place untill it has traveled the light year difference in the time continuum unless you are the one traveling the speed of light, but even then, when you return everything would have served out the correct amount of light years needed...
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    Time Travel

    I dont think it is possible to go back in time but i know from some theorists that the faster your speed it the faster you travel through time. our earth is in a constant faction of time travel because of our constant movement abound the sun and away from center of universe. Ex: stars closer to...
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    Does pumping for speed really work?

    it will divide your speed into going up the wave and down when going down you will get an increase in const. speed and going up it will decreas but this will seem like you are going faster because of the acceleration and relative vision of you eye
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    Photonics source?

    sry cant say anything but "wikipedia"
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    What would be the force on a beam of particles from focused sunlight?

    but dude it would be sooooooooooooooooooo unefficient or you would have to have a flash light 10square miles to have eny reasonable propultion
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    Highest RPM?

    i know two neutron stars rotating around each other can go almost the speed of light at the second of collision [Broken]
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    Negative Energy/Negative Matter

    Ex: pro matter hydrogen: 1 positive proton and 1 negative electron Anti matter hydrogen: has one negitive proton and one positive electron This is somehow possible in the theory i heard
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    Finding projectile speed

    and plus if i shoot only 100m im also going to find the impact force because im prety sure it shoots much farther
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    Finding projectile speed

    um easy? this thing shoots projectiles that blow holes in concrete slabs im sure "some friend" is going to stand there. meat shield much?
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    Finding projectile speed

    I got an air gun and i need to find how fast (m/s) it fires a projectile. If i knew speed (s) the distance when it hits the ground (d) and the weight of projectile (10g) and the angle is horizontal zero degrees (0*) i know earth has a (9.8m/s) gravity pull so what els do i need to know and could...