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    Why do we as humans enjoy kissing?

    I have read that chimpanzees have also been observed kissing each other. Are we (humans and chimpanzees) the only apes (or animals in general) that do this? From an evolutionary perspective, how did we develop this behavior?
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    Is atheism incompatable with the concept of natural rights? Most (or at least some) adherents to natural rights argue that human rights come from a god, or that there is an absolute morality that is the basis of natural rights. Atheists obviously do not believe in a god and most would...
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    Historical interpretations - where can I find sources?

    Hi, I have to write an essay for a class and I'm a little overwhelmed. My topic of choice is how different cultures and societies interpret historical events. (For example, how do the Japanese interpret WWII in comparison to how we interpret WWII?) It's somewhat of a research paper, but I have...