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    I woke up today at 5 pm and have a test at 9 am (this might be relevant to others)

    What would you do? I don't think sleep is a viable option at this point except maybe a nap. I know I have to fix my sleep schedule but right now i'm worried about the current situation. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this type of question.
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    Hardcore Electrodynamics Class

    I'm just kind of curious how our school's E&M-I class compares to others because it seems like we are learning things at an advanced level (very fun though it can be intense). We started the year off with Special Relativity then went into Vectors; nothing weird yet. Then instead of doing...
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    Golden Birds UFO?

    Golden Birds....UFO? It's unidentified and it was in the sky.... Ok we were hanging out around 1130 outside the Engineering Buidling eating sum food we just got and just chillen talking about random stuff. All of a sudden we see these lights above the trees in a V-shaped pattern At...
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    Abundant Numbers

    Is anyone familiar with Abundant Numbers? As far what kind of work is being done now or any interesting findings. Me and two professor at my Uni are working on proving (or disproving) some conjectures of mine that have to do with formulas which generate abundant and primitive abundant...
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    A Misfortunate Freshman Year

    A Misfortunate Freshman Year.... I normally do not like to discuss my personal problems with other people however any sort of advice or encouragement anyone can offer would be appreciated :) 0 The problem is that I am currently a Physics major (and prospective Maths major) who is close to...
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    Biophysics? Computational Neuroscience? M-Theory?

    Ok heres the scoop. I'm fresh out of high school and starting my first year at college. Before I get too deep into one particular area and get stuck I was hoping I could get some help here and some useful advice from you guys. Bottomline: I love math and I love physics and as of right now I...
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    Forces acting on a ring. (Help with direction)

    1. Problem: The following coplanar forces pull on a ring: 200 N at 30 degrees, 500N at 80 degrees, 300N at 240 Degrees, and an unknown force. Find the magnitude and direction of the unknown force for the ring if the ring is in equilibrium. 2. Solution(So Far): Using the line 0 Degrees as the...
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    The Nth Derivative of a Function (General Form)

    1. Question: Find the nth derivative{y^(n)} for the function y=(x+5)^(1/2) I'm teaching myself calculus and so far I have been doing well getting through two workbooks I bought. I was going through a section in Higher Order Derivatives and Implicit Differentiation in the book "Schaum's 3000...