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    Quantum immortality

    I'm not certain if, strictly, this should be in the general discussion forum but the idea is based on quantum ideas so I have put it here. If I am mistaken, please, move it. I stumbled upon this idea when I was reading through lots of different interrelated articles on Wikipedia (it can be...
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    Phase velocity, Group velocity

    Would someone be kind enough to please give physical meanings to these two terms? I have never fully understood their meaning and difference (although I know how to express them mathematically). If, say, I have a Gaussian-shaped signal in the frequency domain that I am sending through a...
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    Basic concept in special relativity

    I was asked (on another non physics site) how an observer can measure the speed of light to be the same as someone who is moving away/ towards the light source. I know that it is a fairly simple idea but I couldn't find the words to answer comprehensively. Here is what I wrote: In...