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    Did you experience depression?

    Did you experience depresion? Yes I did, and I do. I failed most of the courses, I can't work any more, I can't concentrate, I can't like life. I just love life for small irregular peiods and I hate myself. I hate most of the people. I wanna kill myself. When you see that I am not...
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    Feminism ideology thread

    What u think of feminism? Is it a complete ideology? Can it be a solution to the female problems (if there are)? hope to have a cool discussion...
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    Minor in Solid State Physics?

    Minor in Solid State Physics??? Hi, I am an electrical and electronics student. I do plan to follow minor in Solid State Physics. What do you think? Is it worth???
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    Uncertainity Problem

    Hi dear virtual friends, I am now going to ask you something. I would be pleased if you would answer me. In an exam I was asked to show that for a particle in a box of width length L , delta (x)delta(p)>=h/(4*pi) holds. I think this is not a logical question. Because I think it is...
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    I need a book about relativity.(what would you advice)

    I need a book about special theory of relativity. Could you please advice me any.
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    Somebody needs your advice

    I am an electrical engineering student... but I have a deep interest in physics... what would you advice me to do?