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    Break beam IR emitter and detector

    I need a list(data numbers) of short range IR emitter and detector(not very expensive) which can be used as a break beam sensor.. I also like to know what is the specific IC number which is used to tune the IR emitter's frequency which matches with the detectors receiving frequency. I have heard...
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    What are the 'dict-cache' files?

    when I'm using internet by my USB modem , I saw that lot of files downloaded automatically.. At that time all the automatic updatings (Windows, Antivirus) were OFF. I'm paying my internet bill depending on the capacity I download and upload... so this unidentified files were real problem to...
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    Concave & convex bridges

    I want to know when a vehicle travels at a constant velocity along a convex and concave bridges, in what bridge the normal reaction of the vehicle is higher... I think it is on cancave bridge... am I right? because I got it by equations...
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    Voltage divider biasing

    I want to know is there any constant or suitable ratio for external two resistors which we use for the base of the BJT in 'voltage divider biasing'? I have heard that the ratio of those two resistors should be something like 3.. but im not sure...