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    Lengths of SI Units

    Oh, sorry, I did not know that the other units were based off of physical constants. In that event only kilograms need modification.
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    Lengths of SI Units

    True. It may be a difficult decision to change old meters into new meters, from a political and social standpoint. But do you think that, if it had been an easier process, that it would make sense? Maybe the new SI definitions could be: Second: time taken by light to travel 300,000,000...
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    Lengths of SI Units

    After the discovery of the speed of light, it may have made a bit of sense to redefine the meter as \frac{1}{300,000,000} the distance light travels in a second. I understand that larger units like the light year may have been distorted a bit, and that conversions would be required for such...
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    Newton's 3rd Law

    :smile: That is very true. But then, the third law applies in most scenarios, but not everywhere. Then why are they called Newton's Universal Laws of Motion? They should be the Universal Except for Scenarios Involving Electromagnetic Fields and Quantum Mechanics Laws of Motion.
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    Does Light Really Have a Wavelength?

    True dat. However, I think the question that the OP was really trying to ask was, "How can we reconcile the particle and wave sides of light?" There has to be some sort of way to reconcile the two, after all, they are one and the same.