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    In university lectures, what note-taking software do you use?

    Hi For keeping with full disclosure - I hope to use this information to determine the need for an idea I've had that would make the lives of maths/physics students easier. I have just two questions I hope you can answer... What software do you use for taking notes during lectures and...
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    Science/Physics related app idea

    I'm looking for one. Something that would be useful and fun to develop at the same time. What would you like for a physics related app?
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    Dark Matter or just New Space?

    Hi I rarely have a background in physics (yet!) But based on my popular knowledge I understand that the Universe is 'expanding' in a loose sense of the word - which basically equates to the fact new space is being created all the time which in turn resembles a Universe where the distances...
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    Universe expansion faster than light?

    The speed of light is a constant. Yet the Universe's expansion seems to be getting faster and faster. So my question is, when the speed of the expansion of the Universe reaches C the speed of light, what happens. Does it remain at that speed? Does it exceed it? Or does it slow down?
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    CS career choice

    What careers can a computer science graduate get into other than the obvious software/ web development? Are there any careers with less computer work and more human interaction lol, and a more mixed workforce. From experience, workplaces in this field are hugely dominated by men to the...
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    Energy required to reach Escape Velocity

    Can anyone help me work out the energy required for a rocket powered craft to reach escape velocity. What I'm looking to find is the amount of fuel (in any measurement) that will need to be burned simultaneously to achieve this for a craft carrying a payload of 5 to 10kg. Any help/links to...
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    Rocket from troposphere - Why not?

    Why aren't helium balloons used to carry rockets or payloads to the troposphere which is about 25km above sea level before they are launched? To reach actual outer space is 100km above sea level. The above will in turn save 25km worth of fuel and the overall mass of the rocket which needs to...
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    Degree - Career relationship

    Hi, I'm an about to be CS graduate but my interest in physics greatly outweighs that of programming or developing software. Especially theoretical physics or anything related to physics for that matter so what I'd like to do is to go into a physics job however not having a physics degree I...
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    Launching an object into OUTER space

    I've been wondering something. My question is, if someone wanted to launch an object into space - how feasible will it be from a physical perspective, what the challenges of this will be and whether it can be done on a reasonable budget. Note that when I say into space I mean space, not...