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    Insulation around a vaccum tube

    Rockwool for example should survive 600C
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    Pump Transfer solutions for residual bulk removal in transfer line

    Anyway, current installation has only one pump, and has to produce the same pressure difference. For 41m pipe, Reynolds number 75000, turbulent case, by quick calculations I got about 50 bar. It may be usefull to use two different compressors. On finishing, depending on surface tension, some...
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    Pump Transfer solutions for residual bulk removal in transfer line

    My suggestion is to pump compressed air into tank A instead of using centrifugal pump in between.
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    Carbon Nanotube production by Electron Rays

    Even if somehow you will manage to create such cylindrical beam of electrons with equal positive ions inside (which seems practically impossible), recombination energy will be to high and lead to sputtering as ions, atoms and small molecules.
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    Coating a Stainless Steel Lab Reactor

    Sorry, mean blowing very thin wire by capacitor discharge, not just heating. The inert gas pressure needed to make Pt atoms diffuse into shadowed parts of reactor instead of direct beam epitaxy like in high vacuum. And to avoid forming aerosol like it would be in higher pressure atmosphere.
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    Maximum Vibrations in a material

    B will just increase energy dissipation, thus the perfect material for B is vacuum (an air is also good). All you can do is to find best material for A. (superfluid liquid helium is the best, but I suppose is not suitable for your design), pure monocrystals would vibrate longer
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    Flow of gas in a t-junction with one junction sealed.

    Quarth wool will quickly degrade at 1600. I would suggest to use CNT-aerogel. Should nanotubes act as a catalist for some reaction? Can't imagine, what it can be.
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    Home projects for chemical engineering?

    If you can afford to spend dozen of thousands for this, try to reproduce some extraordinary material, ie aerogel, nanotubes, diamond, high-temperature superconductors, etc. Those technologies are quite documented, but not yet in the mass production stage. Thus, it will give you the real...
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    Carbon nanotube exoskeleton

    For the purpose of armor, CNT based composite, I think, would be the best solution, but extremely expensive. But not sure it's good idea to use them for artificial muscles in exosceleton. As it said by the link you provided, 'muscle' is made of aerogel based (very rarefied) oriented nanotubes...
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    Suggestions on making my own conductive glass?

    The easiest way to make conductive and transparent cover on the glass is to cover with ultrathin film of silver
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    Internal stress in the Al extrusion

    It will also depend on the temperature of extrusion. Higher temperature - less stress.
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    Maximum Vibrations in a material

    For example, there are two blocks connected with the spring/rubber medium. After a shot shake, those blocks stay motionless, but the medium still vibrate for some time. Is this kind of design do you mean?
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    Coating a Stainless Steel Lab Reactor

    I suppose it's not that easy to cover it manually, if HCl would go through valves and etc. What I would suggest, is to deposit protective film from vapor phase. Ultimate long-term solution would be to heat thin platinum wire inside reactor in atmosphere of 10-100 Pa of inert gas.
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    Plastic photodegrador

    Please convert picture from bmp to gif/jpg before posting, it will save a lot of traffic. Didn't get idea of your design. Do you mean particular types of plastic, to test, whether it will degrade in open ocean environment?
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    Making nonpermanent hydrophilic surface

    As far, as I know, glass has perfect wettability by water(week liquid on a strong solid). So, all you need is to clean it, especially from grease(week surface)
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    Maximum Vibrations in a material

    In general, any material with small viscoelasticity(low energy losses due to deformation) at given conditions. It may be peace of glass, metall, rubber, even water dropplet, depending of what do you need.
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    Question re. electroplated gold. Thank you!

    1. Try to reduce current, 100A/m^2 may be too much for electroplating. 2. What kind of electrolite do you use? Normally, it should slightly dissolve gold to remove defects of growing layer.
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    Gamma Ray Ionization Path to Overcome Potential

    In case of low intensity ray (if you don't mean nuke-powered gazer), ionization level will be very little, and majority of photons will be absorbed by neutral atoms of the air. Thus, with very good approximation you may assume that ions and electrons impulses will be evenly distributed in all...
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    Small sphere or cylinder filled by a solvent

    1. At the temperature of glass melting acetone will decompose. So, if you need to weld glass or especially bore capillary, you will need some gas medium, ie Ar. Or use some other shell material, in example ftorpolymer analogue of epoxy resin. To form acetone bubbles in the non-cured resin. 2...
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    At what pressure / capacity does co-generation become viable?

    Wouldn't it be easier to modify boiler itself, ie set 10bar valve, to make it consume less power? Or your boiler uses different source of heat? Than it may be the good idea. I'm wondering, why steam engine power generators not in common use, it's very simple and may be fueled with coal or woods.
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    Small sphere or cylinder filled by a solvent

    But, what is general idea? To do NMR experiments with various solutions? I would use long silica or ftorpolymer tube, connected to the pump and source of substances at one side. It would be cheaper for a set of experiments.
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    DC Sputtering of Silicon without Magnetron

    For dielectric compounds at high vacuum I would try modify regular CRT monitor to increase beam power or decrease scanning rate. Remove the front glass and point it to the sample. But don't you think it will be easier than get regular magnetron?
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    DC Sputtering of Silicon without Magnetron

    Due to silicon conductivity, you may try use silicon samples as electrodes to create plasma between them. Some small residual pressure need for igniting at least by cathode ray. I don't remember exact numbers, when I experimented, something about 70V was enough for Hg plasma ignition without...
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    Time travel to the past

    That's pretty easy. Just a couple of black holes you need to play around :)
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    A question about Heizenberg uncertainty.

    Great value of p is necessary for the great uncertainty in p. Let's say, we have a particle with the well-known p→, scuttering on the target (also well-known p→). Therefore there is a big uncertainty in x But, after the scuttering, x may get well measured (xspace by affecting the lattice...
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    Interpretation of temperature for negative ones

    May be it has a sense. But not so simple, I think. One should take care of the different substances. Like for the nonequilibrium plasma, where ions and electrons forms two, with their different temperatures. What <unified temperature> does have such a plasma? The special thing about gain...
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    Interpretation of temperature for negative ones

    And this, I believe, is not good. The "temperature" term is not some sacred word given by heavens. I think it's better to distinguish these concepts. Then let us continue thinking this way. Then let us use another word for that sense. The temperature.2 of laser's gain medium, if...
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    Interpretation of temperature for negative ones

    Than why to extra complicate the temperature? It is the statistical concept for the wide class of systems. Laser's gain medium is a bit out of that class. May be there is a reason to percieve it as a mix of systems with different temperatures. Something like nonequilibrium plasma.
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    Interpretation of temperature for negative ones

    What is the meaning of negative temperatures do you mean? It doesn't have physical sense. The only one I know, is about population inversion in a gain medium of the laser, reflecting the fact, that number of excited atoms at higher level is bigger, than of those at lower level.
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    Aluminum square tubing strength

    Pure aluminium is too soft for construction purposes. Many common alloys (ie silumin) has better strength/weight ratio, than ordinary steel. But are more expensive. Should also pay attention for the operating temperature and corrosion factors.