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    Penrose Diagram for Schwarzschild

    Hi. I've got a quick question on Penrose diagrams for the Schwarzschild space-time that I'd appreciate some comments on. In standard (t,r,\theta,\phi) coordinates the Schwarzschild metric is ds^2 = -\left(1-\frac{2M}{r}\right)dt^2 + \left(1-\frac{2M}{r}\right)^{-1}dr^2 + r^2 d\Omega^2. The...
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    Mode expansion for a closed string?

    Hi. Suppose that I want to look at the BDH action for a bosonic string: S_{BDH} = -\frac{T}{2}\int d^2\sigma \sqrt{\gamma}\gamma^{ij}\partial_iX^a\partial_jX^b The string is in flat spacetime and \gamma_{ij} is an independent world-sheet metric. I know that going to conformal gauge allows...