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    B Voltage vs charge?

    If voltage is the difference in charge between 2 points, then why for a capacitor of a larger area or thinner dielectric cross section, do they say that it can store more charge given the same apppied voltage? Isnt voltage the difference in charge between 2 points? So if you can store more...
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    Single phase AC 3 wire neutral conductor shock potential?

    I have a question with regard to split single phase (in United States) electricity. I understand that there are 2 hot legs each 180 degrees out of phase at +120v and -120v (240v between hot legs) going from transformer to breaker box and a center tapped neutral earth bonded wire at 0v with...
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    Help Moving from DC/AC to RF

    I really hope i can get some answers to the questions that have been plaguing me for some time. I'm more conceptual, and math does not satisfy my curiosity so I was hoping the experts here could fill in some blanks: In making a jump from learning DC/low frequency AC to RF, i studied...
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    Antenna circuit theory help

    antenna circuit theory help!! Im having trouble understanding vswr and current path in an antenna system. Example is the dipole...Ive read that the parasitic capacitance between the 2 wires forms the complete circuit but then I read about standing waves that reflect at the open circuit. My...