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  1. infinitebubble

    I Micro Black Holes and Dark Matter as fuel for spaceship?

    I've been reading several ideas postulated by some researchers using either Dark Matter and or a micro Black Hole as energy sources to power a future spacecraft. 1) using dark matter as fuel to power a spacecraft by taking dark matter into a cavity and shrinking it to critical point using...
  2. infinitebubble

    FaceBook AI runs away with secret coding of it's own

    So reading this today where FACEBOOK engineers had to unplug an AI system because the AI bots started to create it's own language and programmers could not decipher the code/language between the bots. They 'panicked' and pulled the plug on it...
  3. infinitebubble

    I Photon Sphere and time travel around a Black Hole?

    Reading the post below on event horizon of a black hole (BH) got me thinking about the photon sphere of the BH. We all know light will travel around this photon sphere and how light from a source would completely travel back to it's source if one could see it real time, we all know this from...
  4. infinitebubble

    I Dark Matter and who will discover it first?

    While the subject has been talked about to death by many a researcher, who will discover the first dark matter scientific paper that will prove beyond theory that describes it in detail. The real discoverer will undoubtedly be the hero of physics, astrophysics, and cosmology and be awarded...
  5. infinitebubble

    I Dark matter and black hole interaction

    Reading some of the recent info on black holes and how they ingest gas matter including stellar material... why doesn't dark matter be absorbed into the black hole and according to the article dark matter is part of black hole formation...
  6. infinitebubble

    Musicians that went science route instead?

    Ok... I've been at the piano since 4 yrs old (dad was a pianist) and play guitar (15 years old then). I've studied music until high school at which time I decided Pre-Med (lost interest) then engineering school was the course for me. Although my 'bacon' is engineering/science career I still...
  7. infinitebubble

    Sailing for inner peace

    Who here goes sailing into the night? Anyone here sailors or owners of a sailboat/catamaran? I sail often and find it calms the exhaustion of the week. Though relaxing and transcendence to a time far away only when I'm fishing and pulling in a large fish does it really get exciting! Anyone relate?
  8. infinitebubble

    Melancholia, Lars von Trier's movie

    In the Sci-Fi movie Melancholia, strange movie as it were I couldn't help but be drawn by the slowly moving planet as it gets closer to Earth. Unfortunately the new planets gravity should have shown many effects to weather/oceans much more in strength than what the Moon could have sooner. But as...
  9. infinitebubble

    Physics behind Predator's Shoulder Cannon

    Avid fan of the Predator series of movies and the technology of the weapons of choice for the predator characters. Of interest is the shoulder mounted cannon that fires plasma bolts directed by their laser tracking device. All this technology is either in use today or in the lab/miniaturization...
  10. infinitebubble

    I Oldest galaxy to date: UDFy-38135539

    Ok... so the furthest galaxy (Object: UDFy-38135539) to date has been found by the Hubble Ultra Deep Field cameras which to date goes back some 13.1 billions light years (conservative universe estimate is 13.7 billion light years) so pretty much an object with many questions. See...
  11. infinitebubble

    I CERN n_TOF experiment: 'Age of the Universe'

    Exciting to see CERN coming back to experiments. Of interest is the n_TOF instruments to study the estimated age of the universe through neutron-induced reactions of the 'Rhenium-Osmium'cosmo-chronometer. Anyone have a more detail explanation of how this device works? The rhenium-osmium isotopic...
  12. infinitebubble

    Stargazing SECCHI Image of object?

    Saw this image of some object opening what looks like some shield to deflect or capture our Sun's energy? Not a hoax as this is captured on the HI2_SREM camera from the NAVY's SECCHI observatory. To see the image in motion click Duration: 09 days and set the HI2_SREM button and '20160823' for...
  13. infinitebubble

    I Guarding Mars' atmosphere with a magnetic shield

    NASA scientists have proposed a magnetic shield that would sit at the L1 Lagrange Point beyond the planet, creating an artificial magnetosphere that would deflect solar winds and incoming radiation... Let's discuss thoughts and implications, engineering problems, etc. in such a formidable task...