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  1. Bandersnatch

    Collection of Lame Jokes

    If >your< post is offending, the hivemind mentors >will< let you know. And likely infract you. Otherwise just assume it's somebody else's problem being cleaned up. Now, for a lame joke. I collect paper money. Each piece in my collection is note worthy.
  2. Bandersnatch

    News Archaeologists discover world’s oldest wooden structure

    It is wood from the dawn of humanity. Also known as man's morning wood.
  3. Bandersnatch

    3 Body Problem (upcoming TV series)

    From what I understand the source material is an extremely popular (but maybe also polarising, judging by the reviews I've seen) SF series. I've been meaning to read it for the longest time, but the one thing that made me hesitate was another adaptation of another book by the same author - the...
  4. Bandersnatch

    Creating a Habitable Planet with 3 Moons

    Hi. I don't think you should worry too much about this. Any combination of orbits will periodically make the moons visible at the same time in the sky. Each orbit will have a different period, and this necessitates that every now and then the positions of the satellites will coincide - much like...
  5. Bandersnatch

    Ahoy! International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Shiver me Timbers!

    Damn, there's just one seed for fifty leeches. And the rip of low quality. Not to mention the Bay was down again today. Torrents be dying, matey.
  6. Bandersnatch

    Why are Physicists so informal with mathematics?

    No way. A mathematician thinks physics butchers maths. This has to be the first.
  7. Bandersnatch

    Classical A relearning experience - self study edition

    When you're having a middle-age crisis you buy a new set of wheels, not go driving your 20 year old nugget. You don't start dating the girl you knew in college. You date a girl currently in college.
  8. Bandersnatch

    The velocity of a satellite rotating around the Earth

    It looks like r is just the 'altitude'.
  9. Bandersnatch

    I Surely the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is defied by gravity?

    It's the other way around, isn't it? The gain from momentum uncertainty is less than the loss from position uncertainty.
  10. Bandersnatch

    Forum seems less active compared to 10 years ago?

    In other words, youth these days think forums are for cringe ah ah boomers.
  11. Bandersnatch

    I Formation of rocky planets without a star

    I can offer a guess: you need the star to blow away the volatiles from the vicinity of the proto-planet. Otherwise the rocky core - which precipitates first from the cloud due to higher condensation temperatures - continues accumulating the remaining material and develops a gaseous envelope...
  12. Bandersnatch

    I "Quasar clocks" and time running slower long ago

    Come on, guys. It hasn't even been two months since the last thread on this. You were both there: You use standard candles, if available. Kinda hard to do with quasars unambiguously, but the...
  13. Bandersnatch

    Movie Recommendation for Students

    Are we talking undergraduate or graduate student? If the latter, try 'The PHD Movie' (Cham, 2011). Although I'm sure undergrads can relate too. It's a sort of slice-of-life comedy/drama about life in academia. Very indie, very down to earth, with many pointed observations about its subject. It's...
  14. Bandersnatch

    Red Dwarf companion at Sunset?

    1/10 the mass in 1/10 the radius means... how much higher density?
  15. Bandersnatch

    Red Dwarf companion at Sunset?

    It is being >preferentially< scattered in the blue part of the spectrum. The scattering removes all wavelengths, including red. An already red source gets dimmed as a result. With enough atmosphere in the way all of the light could get scattered. For main sequence stars there exists an...
  16. Bandersnatch

    B Antimatter as energy source

    I think the idea @KingGambit had here was using antimatter creation process substantially different from pair production - so that you don't 'waste' energy on creating the mundane matter component. If that were possible, you wouldn't violate conservation of energy as you'd only be transmuting...
  17. Bandersnatch

    B How does Earth's rotation affect our movement?

    Nothing on Earth is moving towards you as a result of its rotation, though. You and all of it rotate together.
  18. Bandersnatch

    Counteracting the inertia of Earth's rotation

    Inertia is the resistance to acceleration. What you have been conceptualising as countering here - the spin of the Earth - is velocity. In common parlance the distinction can be blurry. When viewed from a non-rotating reference frame - here it means the point of view of the Sun and the...
  19. Bandersnatch

    Counteracting the inertia of Earth's rotation

    You're getting confused by the changing reference frames. It's normal. Planes fly w/r to the wind, not the ground, and certainly not w/r to the Sun (or stars). That is to say, their engines have to work with the medium they're pushing against. A plane at the equator flying against the rotation...
  20. Bandersnatch

    Counteracting the inertia of Earth's rotation

    The air is rotating with the planet. Wind is motion of the air w/r to the observer (here, the drone). Since you've chosen the spot for hovering to be somewhere around the equator, as that's where the rotation velocity at the surface is approx. 1000mph, it would mean the still air is moving at...
  21. Bandersnatch

    Counteracting the inertia of Earth's rotation

    If you ignore the atmosphere (e.g. it's an airless planet and the drone uses rockets for propulsion), then you can hover the drone in one spot w/r to the background stars (or the Sun) after decelerating from the initial velocity imparted by the rotational motion of the planet while the planet...
  22. Bandersnatch

    I Einstein, Friedman and the cosmological constant

    Look at what's being said: the cosmological principle holds the universe is static but you can very well have a universe with the cosmological principle that is not static, in which case lambda is optional. All he's saying here is that he was too married to the idea of a static universe
  23. Bandersnatch

    I James Webb telescope calibration

    Give us a summary once you grok it, if you can be bothered. Ta.
  24. Bandersnatch

    I James Webb telescope calibration

    Context (I'm guessing; this should be the OP's job): Same article on the Nature website has a few references to papers detailing the calibration process. The OP seems to be asking for...
  25. Bandersnatch

    Just received a Hacking Threat by email

    'Don't fall for those expensive scammers! Our organically sourced scams are virus-free and start as cheap as 300 trillion Zimbabwean dollars! But wait, there's more! Only today: fall for OUR scam within the next 24 hours and you'll receive another scam completely free of charge*!' *terms and...
  26. Bandersnatch

    Just received a Hacking Threat by email

    You know what I find curious? That they always ask for around 600 bucks. How did they arrive at this figure and why is it so consistent across the different emails? Did they hire a socio-economist to determine the amount most likely to bring in the highest returns? Did they do some polling work...
  27. Bandersnatch

    Your thoughts on the Lord of the Rings series

    About that Arwen quote, it has always seemed clear to me that this wasn't a factual complaint about a lack of good ferry service or maybe the selective racism of the ferrymen (ferryelves?) shooing away smelly naturalised humans - but a more metaphorical expression of her love and loyalty. There...
  28. Bandersnatch

    I Why do we still see the CMB today?

    Because hydrogen-helium plasma gets transparent at 3000K.
  29. Bandersnatch

    I Why do we still see the CMB today?

    It's the same thing. The background radiation 'cools down' due to the redshift.
  30. Bandersnatch

    I Entropy Real? End of Time? - Veritasium Video

    Everybody: I'm pretty sure Hawking is referring to the Hartle-Hawking no-boundary proposal. So he's neither grossly oversimplifying nor talking out of his back end. But he does seem to be overstating its relevance to the actual universe.
  31. Bandersnatch

    Craft Beers, Microbreweries and Homebrewing

    'Even though the liquids market remained liquid we had issues with liquidity so we're liquidating.'
  32. Bandersnatch

    Your thoughts on the Lord of the Rings series

    Polish. If strange women distributing swords can in fact be a basis for a system of government, then why squint at a homeless man with a dodgy past disturbing a graveyard?
  33. Bandersnatch

    Your thoughts on the Lord of the Rings series

    I first read LotR in translation. Hobbit and Silmarilion too. That they were all lovely in their slightly different ways goes without saying. At some point a new edition of LotR came out, helmed by a different translator who had somewhat radical ideas on how to improve on the predecessor (and...
  34. Bandersnatch

    Your thoughts on the Lord of the Rings series

    Saruman's project of uplifting the wretched was quashed by reactionary racist violence. For more hot takes tune in to Middle Earth Tonight with Grima Wormtongue at eleven.
  35. Bandersnatch

    I Why do we still see the CMB today?

    Maybe not if what you want is eternal circumnavigation. But if you want to circumnavigate just a finite number of times, all you need is for the universe to be particularly small or particularly slow at the time when you embark on your journey.
  36. Bandersnatch

    B History of Cosmology: 1915-1929 | Einstein, Hubble & GR

    Yes. Do remind us of your beef with Hubble again next month. :cool:
  37. Bandersnatch

    B Cosmological time dilation of high-redshift quasars

    Imagine you're looking at a clock that's stationary. Every time a second ticks on the clock, some light is reflected from its dial and arrives at the observer a while later. The time between the arrival of consecutive signals is one second, regardless of how far the stationary clock is. You see...
  38. Bandersnatch

    Cartoon Spider Walking a Dog in the Rain and Other AI Generated Images

    Other than the middle one, the structures are clearly not abandoned, as somebody's picking leaves out of the pools and trimming the hedges. Or something is. Was the prompt 'show me the world a few years hence, when all humans have been made redundant and the AI reigns alone over the depopulated...
  39. Bandersnatch

    xkcd cartoon - websites

    Yeah, just that. Remember how the average internet experience used to look like in around the 90s or so? Obnoxious website ads and reappearing, hard to close popup banners all flashing and colourful, telling you you've just won a car or a million dollars because you're the <insert round number>...
  40. Bandersnatch

    xkcd cartoon - websites

    Reminds me of that Mitchell and Webb sketch about a 'massive yacht'.
  41. Bandersnatch

    Questions about a habitable second moon

    Potential habitability of the satellite, to a good approximation, should be determined by the distance from the star. I.e., if the parent planet is in the habitable zone, so are its satellites. Other reasons than solar irradiation can still affect habitability, though. So you can e.g. say M1...
  42. Bandersnatch

    B Detecting cosmological redshift in an empty part of the Universe

    Looks good. BTW, a (large-scale) ruler expanding together with the universe is commonly used in cosmology (cf. 'comoving distance'). It's a useful concept, just not in this context.
  43. Bandersnatch

    B Detecting cosmological redshift in an empty part of the Universe

    Neither the emitter nor the observer care for how many wavelengths fit in the distance between them. They decide what wavelength they see based on the number of crests per unit time at their location. The emitter will count fewer crests than a sufficiently distant receding observer. The...
  44. Bandersnatch

    I Oblate Ellipsoid: Can Earth Be Modified?

    Oblate spheroid and oblate ellipsoid are the same thing, no? One axis shorter than the remaining (and equal) two. Anyhow. Other than spin doing the oblate thing, tidal forces try to deform bodies into prolate ellipsoids. The possible consequences of this process are similar to those of...
  45. Bandersnatch

    What properties can metamaterials have?

    That's because it's a medium-rare earth element.
  46. Bandersnatch

    RIP Daniel Ellsberg (92)

    I'm in the 'Who dis?' camp.
  47. Bandersnatch

    The James Webb Space Telescope

    Breaking news: Scientists find HeII in a galaxy at the edge of the universe! Somebody hire me as a headline writer. I'll get you all the clicks.
  48. Bandersnatch

    I Is there any way in the future to determine the Universe's size?

    The premise under discussion is something along the lines of: given that curvature measurements hover around flatness, but have error bars that encompass all three possible cases (positive, flat, and negative curvature), what is the largest radius of curvature that can fit into those...