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    Would artificial intelligence and singularity mean the end of humanity?

    Then I wouldn't call such a machine intelligent, just call it a better adding machine. Even if you could add 100,000,000,000,000,000,000x as many numbers in a second as humans in a minute, unless you have some sort of ability of original thought - which no computer has the rudiments of - you are...
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    Horoscope and its effects on marriage

    Nothing truer could be said by anyone. I hate how it has gotten so entwined with religion (I am also Hindu, just throwing that out.) Sometimes, when my grandparents watch Indian channels, I can see ads for certain astrologers. I find it absolutely repugnant that people believe them enough to...
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    News Why are Republicans better?

    I think that the people whose loans were underwater should have been the ones bailed out, and the banks should have fallen. I could care less about what happens to someone who irresponsibly manages their money, is extremely rich, and hedges all risk by means of anticipated government favors...
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    News Politics - playing the religious card

    And religion was never meant to be that way. Religion is a misused weapon by those brainwashed or willingly accepting of right-wing ideology. Sad thing that America has become a dumping-ground of extremists.
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    News Politics - playing the religious card

    I understand that beliefs may shape policy to a certain extent, but as long as any extreme polarization is not reflected in the influence on these policies, it is fine. BobG, the article is indeed a "smart" conservative's opinion of "stupid socialist" liberals.
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    News Politics - playing the religious card

    Being religious, a pure scientific approach is not better. But even for you, are you going to choose to kill 6 million people scientifically, or 6,000,001 people with a pure religious approach? In absolute numbers it may seem marginally better, but the truth is that both are horrible evils, no...
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    News Politics - playing the religious card

    Yes, I really hate it when people put religion before the service of the country. That's not service to God by any stretch of the imagination except that of the extreme right.
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    Determinism Question - possibility of scientific explanations for human behaviour

    It is partially based on a unified field theory (a more appropriate name, since a "theory of everything" applies to, well, everything) and partially based on whatever computations your brain makes. Some things, like the fact that the Earth was created, are indeed determinate/probabilistic...
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    Determinism Question - possibility of scientific explanations for human behaviour

    Atoms in the brain indeed obey causality. But one cause could have different effects in such a complex system as the brain. Forgive me if I sound stupid, but there is free will because the brain is a feedback system. You take in information from the outside world, it is converted into...