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    I Largest sphere in the space between dense packed spheres

    If I consider a tetrahedron of four densely packed spheres of unit radius, what it the radius of the largest sized sphere that can fit in the space in between?
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    B Electrical version of Faraday effect?

    The Faraday effect is a magneto-optical phenomenon caused by the interaction between light and a magnetic field. Is there a corresponding electrical-optical phenomenon, caused by the interaction between light and an electric field?
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    B Electromagnetic waves/radiation properties?

    As I understand it, light is an electromagnetic wave consisting of an oscillating electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to each other. Are there experiments that will demonstrate (a) there is an electric field present? Stark effect? (b) a magnetic field, (c) that they are perpendicular to...
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    Redshift, Earth's orbital speed, and the speed of light

    The Earth is moving around the Sun at around 30km/s, a change of 60km/s over the course of the year. Presumably, measurements of the speed of light would show a redshift up to ±30km/s? Are redshift measurements this accurate? Likewise, the speed of the Solar System around the Milky Way, is...
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    Laws, principles and facts

    Although scientists once thought that radioactivity violated the law of conservation of energy, then new understanding of nuclear decay helped demonstrate that the law was fact. So why do we continue to call the Conservation of Energy a law, and not a fact. Why not a principle? Is there a...
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    URLs in signatures

    Can I include my Web site URL in my signature (Example below) bearing in mind that it includes an article on a banned subject, Plasma Cosmology. The Web site is informative and extensively supported with peer-reviewed citations from mainstream journals. I have recently contributed to the...