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  1. Eduardo Leon

    Energy dissipated in the resistors in a 2 mesh RC circuit

    Homework Statement Hi mates, I have problems solving the third part of this exercise, I've already done all the previous calculations. Given the following circuit, where the switch S is open, the power supply = 50 volts and: The initial charge in the C capacitor: QC = 0 coulombs The initial...
  2. Eduardo Leon

    Hi, help me to check my answers, dynamics, energy and work

    Homework Statement Whats is the final speed of the second box(mass = 1kg) when the first one (mass = 5 kg) has descended a distance equal to 0.6 meters in the rough ramp inclined 60° respect the x axis. Consider the spring is compressed a length x = 0.2 meters. The second box is tied to the...