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    I Non-diagonal metric for testing elliptic PDE solver

    Hello, I am working with numerical relativity and spectral methods. Recently I finished a general elliptic PDE solver using spectral methods, so now I want to do Physics with it. I am interested in solving the lapse equation, which fits into this category of PDEs $$ \nabla^2 \alpha = \alpha...
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    I Numerical Calculus of Variations

    I attempt to solve the brachistochrone problem numerically. I am using a direct method which considers the curve ##y(x)## as a Lagrange polynomial evaluated at fixed nodes ##x_i##, and the time functional as a multivariate function of the ##y_i##. The classical statement of the problem requires...
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    OpenBLAS crashes on Ubuntu 15.04

    Whenever I try to reduce, invert, or factorize matrices of size 10000x10000 my whole system suddenly restarts without any error message. This happens on both julia and matlab when I run the command A=rand(10000,10000)^-1; I suspect the problem is due to the linear algebra libraries (I have...
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    Eigendecomposition using cuSolver

    I am looking for a clear example on how to obtain the complete set of eigenvalues and eigenvectors for a dense, non-hermitian matrix using cuSolver.