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    Tension in a Rope from Lowering Down and Friction Braking Torque at Stop

    (The weight scale = 10 kg). After initial force, now the mass is lowering down at constant speed of 1 m/s. The motor with pulley's radius of 1 meter is exerted 100 Newton m to keep constant V. The motor speed is about 9.55 rpm. * All other weights, inertia and frictions of the system is...
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    Luffing Jib Load, With and Without Sheave Pulley

    Now I am working with a DIY Luffing Jib Crane. Mys subcon said that: Tension of red rope for hanging a blue box load at the tip of the boom i(A) s as the same as hanging it with pulley and tied to the motor/ground_B (System in a Static Load Condition).. Blue Rope and Pulley weights are...
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    Problem With a Slewing Bearing Crane

    Dear All Masters I have problem with slewing bearing crane. My subcon made a crane that have a very high platform deck form slewing bearing. They said it is fine and the height is not an issue as it is in lower place. I know the higher the load from slewing bearing, the bigger the force or...
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    Calculate Force Compression of Crane with Hoisting Slink

    Actually it is a simple one, but the point of view of the force acting in pic attach of some people are different. The adding weight of hoisting slink blue and the pulley is neglected. I think the...
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    Method Of Loading Carbon Molecular Sieve To Psa Tank

    Dear all I want to loading about 14 ton of CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) into a PSA Nitrogen Producer tank. The tank is 5 meter tall with 2 m in diameter. What is the best, simplest and fastest method to load the pellet of CMS into that big tank? I consider this mortar screw pump and connect...