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    Content transfer between smartphones

    In fact, it is an easy way , but i do not think it is an effective way , These are some tutorials about transfer that i got on Google .
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    Quantum Computer advantages

    Yeah , the predictions of theory and actual mathematics are the same in all interpretations.
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    Can websites know of users' identity

    There is no doubt about it, of course,you need to prove your identity, especially if you need to handle your finances on the counter
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    What software is used in this video?

    I like the Youtube, it's a big play platform
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    Free/Cheap alternatives to Root Explorer (Android)?

    All i knwo about Android data manage , you can install a Android Manager and Android Assistant ,just like its name, which can be used to assist or manage your phone data for your Android phone ,
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    Best laptop (fast) under 300$-400$

    I'm more bullish on dell and asustek