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    Is NATURAL apple juice a clear liquid?

    what imean by natural is...u know how motts comes in regular and natural? well i bought the natural kind..but i bought store brand. if i wave my hand behind the bottle i can barely see it...(the shadow of it) with gatorade i can see it much clearer..but idont like gatorades.... one site...
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    Friday the 13th need i be worried

    ok so i am having a colonoscopy/upper gi on the 13th of this month...sounds fun as it is...i am worried enough aabout that as its my first hospitalvisit/anesthesia visit. anyway..i know you are all scientists..and you guys are probably not superstitious..and u are logical... with that...
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    Medical Having colonoscopy/upper gi?

    ok,so i have had stomach issues for 6 years. i am 20 years old,and my doctor and i agreed this was the best way to find out whats' wrong. i have had blood testing for celiacs,ultrasounds,stool work etc!!!!! all was ''normal'' i have some concerns though!!!! 1-i have hemmorhoids due to my...
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    Whats so special about cokes formula?

    COKE ACTS like its formula is super secret. pepsi and store brand taste similar enough, that i dont doubt the formulas arent too different..... yes i can tell the difference,and love coke better,but i dont get whats so secret about this coke.
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    AM i the only person that finds this weird? sells items like milk, cookies, etc. i mean, the prices are equal or higher than what you would pay at your grocery store that's 5 minutes from your house. why would people buy this stuff online. also i was looking at a milk product i bought today. it was one of those milks...
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    Calculating semester gpa? did my school make a mistake?

    ok i know ill come off as a smart *** here..but im a premed major, and im dealing with very stiff competition. every single point on my gpa means a lot to me. with that being said this semester i didnt do so hot. i got an A- in a 4 credit biology course, a B in a 4 credit math course, and an A...
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    When studying physics did final exams always stress you out?

    i have an A in chemistry, and i have been stressing that i will bomb this final exam, and all the hard work that went into getting an a will not be noted, because my final will turn into a C for the whole semesters .
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    How pathetic should i feel?

    just tried to run a mile in 8 inutes just for fun, it took me 12 minutes 50 seconds. i was only able to run .2 miles before panting HARDLY. then i had to walk the rest. btw i did this in the freezing cold, would that make this easier or harder than a mile in the summer? for all of you physics...
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    Standard deviation.

    i would post this in the chem section but more people view this one.. im having a quiz on standard deviation in chemistry lab onf riday, and im not sure AT ALL how to do this. i tried asking the teacher but hes not to good at explaining. and i tried lookinga t the difficult to understand...
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    Ideal gas or not ideal gas

    what are the differences? my professor said something like an ideal gas has a big temperature, and a big volume. and ithink he says it follows the kinetic molecular theory. but i also know that different gases react at different temps and volumes so big is relative. how do i know what is big...
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    Found an interesting ''iq'' test online

    its from mensas website so it cant be too bad. i was just curious how you guys would do. i made sure to keep my time down to 30 minutes (although i did it in 32 minutes). i got a 20/30 on it which apparently is good enough to pass the real test... just thought id share it with you guys, since...
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    Why is chemistry worth 5 credits?

    How come chemistry is worth 5 credits where as bio,physics,maths are all worth 4 credits? does this signify that chem is considered the most important science for transferring, or grad/med school acceptance? i dont think chemistry labs or lectures take up more time than my bio labs and lectures...
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    Is astronomy an easy A?

    whats up everyone, i am a science major, and since science courses are prerequisites, next semester i am only able to take 9 credits (gen chem 2 with lab, and precalculus) i plan on overloading with 14 credits during the summer, in order to graduate with my associates in a 2 year time period...
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    Chem lab, titration neutralization

    ok i am doing my lab report ow, and i am compeltely lost with some of these questions. it was a titration neutralization lab can get some help? 1- why is it necessary to dissolve the khp in water? 2- why is necessary to swirl the flask during the titration? i think the second one is so...
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    Good at lecture bad at lab?

    i am pretty confused on this. i am currently acing my chemistry test, with minimal effort. The chemistry class also has a lab component to it. I am lucky, that i have a smart partner that i can copy her answers from because i am COMPLETELY LOST in the labs. Its like i have ZERO idea whatsoever...
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    Isnt this ridiculous

    i was talking to my friend whos failing chemistry. im getting an A in the class so i try to help her out. anyway we were discussing why she got an 18 percent on her last exam. turns out she doesnt have the math prerequisite for this class. she then said, hey i got an A in algebra 2 in...
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    I hate making STUPID MISTAKES!

    so i was in my bed replaying some of the problems on tuesday's 150 point chemistry exam i had. I kept trying to figure out some olf the reasons i had trouble with certain problems. In the process of doing this, i realized that i made a stupid mistake on a problem i thought i had gotten...
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    I do not understand why i keep getting these trig equations wrong =(

    cosx= -1/2 i realized my ref triangle is pie /6. i know that cosine is negative in quad 2 and 3. i labeled my axis (this helped me) with pie being 6 pie over 6, pie over 2 i put 3 pie over 6, 3pie over 2 i put as 9 pie over 6, and 2 pie i made 12 pie over 6. ok since one solution is in quad...
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    Bought a laptop the other day

    the laptop is supposed to have a 250GB hard drive. i was expecting it to have around 247. anyway i checked th4e specs and it says it only has a 220 gb max drive size and 197 gb is usable. s this normal? or should i complain? also the ram is supposed to be 3gb but it says only2.75 is useable?
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    Is organic chemistry 1 AND 2 all memorization?

    i know this is a physics forum, but i figure you guys might like chemistry too? and i know you guys probably took up to orgo to get your physics degrees. anyways over the summer session assuming i pass my current classes and my classes in the spring, i will be taking orgo 1, orgo 2, and...
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    Trigonometyry for dummies

    hey, has anybody on these forums used the for dummies series to get them through a math class? ive heard great things (from online reviews not in real life luls) about the calculus for dummies book. i am struggling with basic graphing of radians, and my class is moving fast, we are into finding...
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    Are a lot of you math and science types poor at english

    ok, let me first say this is a genuine question that is not meant to offend anyone. i notice that a lot of you posters who excel in math and sciences and all of that hard stuff, make numerous grammar mistakes. the poster who has frylock as his avatar regularly uses the word you're when your is...
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    Photographic memory and perfect gpa, but i have low intelligence.?

    whats up everybody i just wanted to talk to you guys about a problem im having.i am currently a college student with 4.0 gpa. now this my sound great but ive just taken 30 credits of gen ed courses. not easy but not hard either. Spanish 1 and 2, intermediate algebra, sociology, gen biology lab...