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    Morality and Cheating in School

    *cough* Explain how we went to test cheating... We were talking about copying homework, start "test cheating morality" in a different topic, please.
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    Why is matter hard to define?

    "Matter is anything with density." Why is that so hard to understand, unless i'm missing something?
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    Good and Evil

    But what uses make it "good", and what uses make it "evil"? Good and evil is all subjective, and the majority rules on this. Majority of people think: Killing is bad. Suicide is bad. Rape is bad. People are only judged insane because they disagree with what the majority of the world...
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    An actual infinite number of marbles

    If there was a number labeled Infinity, you would not be able to comprehend it. If there isn't one, there isn't. We can't see infinity, so the question makes no sense.
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    Pros of video games?

    Educational games are obviously positive, but are not the main flow of games, therefore not a large factor in the debate.
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    Ideas on Infinity.

    hmm, maybe i'm just confused about the "dots into line" part. Anyway, time is the expression of motion, I believe. If there is no time, there can be no motion... can there?
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    Ideas on Infinity.

    Infinity is unlimitedness, or a never-ending amount of something. By the way, I heard this definition of a line: A line is an infinite amount of points connected, no matter how long or short. How can this be? Wouldn't planck length be the minimum amount of distance between each dot...
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    Can large scale warfare be abolished in the next 100 years?

    First of all, in order to stop war, you need to be absolutely sure what causes it. Here's a small list: Religion Politics Race Morales Greed Those are the 5 major ones, tell me if there are more, and think of ways that those could be removed. Genetic behavioral modification would...
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    Is omnipotence intrinsically paradoxical?

    I don't believe in the idea of an omnipotent being, so i'll let my friends' words be typed. (Parenthesis are my notes) "God CAN create a rock he can't lift; He'd create it, then lift it." (Someone explain this to me?) "God is everywhere, encompassing anything that can possibly exist" (Same...
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    Ideas on Infinity.

    I gave roughly an hour's thought to infinity, and came up with these statements and questions; If infinity exists, where would it go? The only infinity that would make sense is the size of the universe, because you couldn't have an infinite amount of any matter without it taking up literally...
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    An actual infinite number of marbles

    In order to label the infinite number of marbles, you would have to start at 1, and keep going up a number to label the next one. This is simply a disguised "will adding reach infinity?" problem, only you're labelling instead of adding. Oh, and the answer is no, because you can always add...
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    Schools Grade point vs. achievements in college

    A person with a 3.5 GPA and extracurricular(sp?) activities can easily trump a 4.0 GPA without a life. However, if the person with a 4.0 is simply brilliant, and still has a life, they can do it. But also, it is a question of application, as you said. Some people will memorize everything...
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    Black hole - entrance theory

    Okay, so singularities, being 0-dimensional, have no "events", but motion IS possible between Planck time? The theory that I read (black hole stops time) was wrong? Figures... Meh. I understand the wormhole part, though. ^_^ I'm going to look at info related to this, and maybe I'll...
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    If matter = Energy, and matter can be turned into energy

    Is there any information available on the possibility of reversing that process? Simplified: Can you turn energy into matter?
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    Random questions + Geometric multidimensional patterns.

    Hmm, I DO find what you wrote informative. ^_^ I'm going to research everything posted, and see what I come up with. About the whole "Motion without time" thing, you see that (almost?) ANY formula describing motion requires a part related to time (Speed is m/S, for example), and without...
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    How are planck units found?

    Thank you all. ^_^
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    Black hole - entrance theory

    I read the following theory: As you enter a black hole, your time will slow, and the entire life of the universe will flash before your "eyes" as you fall in. If you see the life of the universe flash before your eyes, wouldn't the black hole evaporate by then? Wouldn't other matter...
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    How are planck units found?

    I know that Planck Time is the amount of time it takes light to cross Planck Length, but how did they figure out Planck Length? What are all the Planck units, how large are they, and how were they figured out?
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    Medical Can We Think Without Language?

    Without reading anything within this topic, I will randomly post what I believe to be possible; You can think in images, yes there will be differences based on language, and there MIGHT be changes in ways of thinking based on location. Also, personality effects thinking quite a lot.
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    Random questions + Geometric multidimensional patterns.

    Hmm, just as curiousity... Which questions don't make sense? (I want to see what makes sense, and what doesn't, to improve upon them) I understand I probably didn't make the wormhole question clear, but I plan to make that picture later. As for mathematics, I know simple (aka taught in...
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    Random questions + Geometric multidimensional patterns.

    Okay, the reason I had it here is mostly for the relativistic parts which I was going to post, but ran out of time to do so. Thank you for the answer to the construction problem, Severian. ^_^ Pervect, I'm not much for math(10th grade does algebra, how weak), so.. I have no idea what lim...
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    Random questions + Geometric multidimensional patterns.

    I was reading through various books about black holes, time warps, and multiple dimensions, and now I am simply asking for clarification on a few things, and previous discoveries on something I noticed while looking at geometric patterns via different dimensions. Last part first. Let me...
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    Light Beam Problem

    Hello, I'm new, and I have a problem I can't seem to imagine to solve. Any help? You have 5 light beams, moving from the same line, 1m apart from eachother, all moving to the same target exactly 10 light seconds away. If each light beam sees the others move at light speed, will each...