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    Finding the Equation of a Tangent

    Homework Statement Find the equation of the tangent at the point indicated y=3cscx x=pi/4 2. The attempt at a solution So to do the question you need a point (which im given), the slope and then you need to substitute that all into y=mx+b. I believe I have differentiated...
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    Simple Acceleration Question

    Homework Statement Velocity in m/s at time t is defined as v= 20t(1+2t)^-2 Find Acceleration at 0.5s 2. The attempt at a solution I missed the day we covered this topic in class and I am under the assumption that I would find the derivative of 20t(1+2t)^-2 and then find the derivative...
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    How to factor these equations

    I dont know why but I have a lot of trouble factoring. After 3 years of it I would expect to be a lot better at it but I still find it as hard as when I first learned it. Im just wondering if anyone here can help me understand it a little different then my teachers have. To date I think I...
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    Simple Transformations Questions

    Sorry I don't know how to show the root sign on the forums so I am just gonna use / Homework Statement A stretch is applied to the graph of y=/x to produce the graph of y=/9x . Relative to the x and y axis, this stretch may be described as either a........ (then it lists a, b, c, or d answers)...
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    Acceleration of a Sphere with a Charge

    Homework Statement Two Charged spheres are positioned on a horizontal, frictionless insulating surface, as shown below. I attached the image at the bottom of the post. Homework Equations Coulombs Law and F=ma The Attempt at a Solution I plugged in ((8.99 x 10^9)(5.0 x 10^-7)(5.0 x...
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    Momentum of Tennis Ball Question

    Homework Statement A tennis ball with a mass of 110g is traveling 18.5 m/s east. It is struck by a racquet that applies a force of 950 N west. The ball and the racquet are in contact for 3.2ms. The change in momentum of the tennis ball is.. Homework Equations As far as I can tell p=mv and...