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    Brain Food

    there are wayyy too many to name i guess but really it depends what your into. I do Mathematics and CS but mainly Math because i only like doing programming in CS. So depends what you like in CS is it Game design and programming API's or source code and developemnt . then sourceforge slashdot...
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    New Ubuntu 8.04 released

    it used to be really bad having an ATi card but what you should do is install envy, and install the proper propriotary drivers much better support and with the ATi control panel is good. Its a real pity that creative wont give open hardware specifactions of the x-fi for linux support. it works...
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    C/++/# C++: How is the data type 'string' defined?

    if you dont use the namespace make sure with like: std::cout << "" you do: std::string mystr = "";
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    Inverse of an image array

    Erm what?! hah well what lanagauge is that?! Matlab? maby try inv('noise.jpg') :S hmmm i duno not sure would be easier to know what language your doing it in and what functions or methods you have available.
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    C Pointers explained!

    Whoo that is a nice explantation, for new c/c++ programmers, because more and more people come from langiages like java or c# and always find pointers confusing. i wish i had that explanation back in the learning days :P
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    Help with a proof

    Rofl yeah i cant even see that! :S even with my glasses on 8-)
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    Windows XP of Vista

    vista is just simply a nightmare i cant stand it i do have a very powerful pc like dual core 2gb ram gforce 8800 1tb hdd space but i mean in vista its soooo slow. Why should i have to keep upgrading my pc just because of microsoft demanding more and more high power hardware. To run an...
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    Windows XP of Vista

    google one :P there are tonnes on the net
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    Windows XP of Vista

    oh and office 2003 works in wine as well really good
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    Windows XP of Vista

    if you use ubuntu like i dont have any in compatablity issues: banshee atunes or rythmbox music vlc mplayer movies azueeus bit torrent filezilla ftp firefox browser amsn msn pidgin xfire warsoe, all quake games matlab has linux version netbeans eclipse codeblocks IDE's blender 3d...
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    Help i need easy way to learn

    Yeah but i find at university only shown you how to get started and i have learnt all my programming myself, my friends in uni they do their programming homeworks and assignments but they cant actualy do a useful project where as i have worked on warsow engine and aTunes and working on my own...
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    C/++/# C++: How is the data type 'string' defined?

    What you want to do is here is an example: #include <string> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char **argv){ string mystr = "myString"; cout << "My String is: " << mystr << "\n"; }
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    Self Study for Basic Programming

    Download java and netbeans thought i have never used bluej, Matlab is great! but its only really good when you have the time to spent learning the amount of stuff it can do, if you just wanting to get some quick programming done its not really that fantastic java is nice or c++, java isnt hard...
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    Help i need easy way to learn

    Java is great to start learning if you in debian (linux os) is really easy sudo apt-get install java6-jdk something like that then get netbeans make it even easier public class <filename>{ public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println("Pwn Java! oh wait Hello World!"); } }
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    Windows XP of Vista

    Hey you might like to check out Ubuntu :) much better than XP or Vista! It may take a while to get used to but once you give it a few weeks you cant go back to windows :D go to i cant post URL's yet :(