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    Circular Motion Plane Loop

    Homework Statement someone is flying a plane and he is being chased and at the bottom of the loop his guages say he is traveling at 180km/h he is sitting on a bathroom scale which says he weighs 4 times what he normally does, what is the radius of the loop in meters? Homework Equations...
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    Projectile Motion Question

    [SOLVED] Projectile Motion Question Homework Statement a swimmer moving at 1.80m/s dives off a pier and hits the water .80 m from the edge of the pier how high is the pier above the water Homework Equations Vx=change X /change Time change Y = Vyi . change Time +1/2 a . (change time)^2...
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    Billiards ball collision

    Homework Statement 2 identical biliards balls collde after a glancing collision determine the speed of the other ball, Homework Equations MaVa + MbVb = MaVa' + MbVb' ? The Attempt at a Solution is this just as simple as the momentum formula before and after, or am I forgetting...
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    2 more basic problems

    [SOLVED] 2 more basic problems 3 dogs are pulling a sled with a combined weight of 145 kg the dogs are pulling 1) pulling at a force of 83N at 15.5(degrees) left of forward 2) pulling at a force of 75N at 9 (degrees) right of forward 3) pulling at a force of 77N at 12(degrees) right of...
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    Incline max angle physics problem

    we have to design an entrance ramp for the new megamart. the maximum force customers will exert without complaint is 20N, ignoring friction at what maximum angle should the ramp be built assuming a full 20 kg grocery cart? i've almost drawn at a blank it just seems like the question is...