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    What are my options after?

    All right if this thread doesn't get any replies i will staple my head to a wall:grumpy: I have started my masters in information technology and i was wondering whether my only option as a career would be only programming/software engineering and from what i have heard these jobs require some...
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    Software engineering books for beginners

    My last attempt at getting some career guidance was not quite successful but i am sure this thread will actually have replies!!! I am about to start my masters in information technology which mostly deals with software engineering, so i was just wondering if i can get ahead of my studies by...
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    Hi there everyone!!! I am posting after on this forum after quite a while... I am about to make a very important decision regarding my academic career but i am puzzled on which degree would be more beneficial like the title suggests i have the option of " IT"(mostly concerned with...
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    Wikipedia blacked out

    Wikipedia blacked out!!!!!!!!! I think the entire PF community might have something to say about/against this!!!
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    The 7 Most Badass Last Stands in the History of Battle

    I was browsing the internet one day when i stumbled upoun this article and i have to say i was completely blown away!!! so i thought why not post it here
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    News Afghani Opium Farming In the Context of War: Perspectives

    << Moderator Note -- this thread was started with posts that went off-topic in the following thread: The discussion is useful enough to deserve its own thread. >>...
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    Look at yourself after watching this

    Just watch this
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    Anaylatic questions

    i will be needing to take a test in a university for an admission which will involve a lot of analytic questions can any one tell me how can i train my brain for something like this????????
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    Whats your iq question

    Whats your iq question!!! bill likes 25 but not 24 he likes 400 but not 300 and 144 but not 145 so what he likes; 1)10 2)20 3)1500 4)1600 post your questions as well.
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    Curved mirrors

    while reading curved mirrors we come across a term denoted as Q(the distance of image from the mirror)but as the image is formed right on the mirror so the distance of the image from the mirror should be zero??????????? which is of course not the case.
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    Punches his opponent at the speed of light

    since i have always have been interested in combat sports i was just wondering what would happen if some one in the octagon or in the ring punches his opponent at the speed of light(i bet chuck norris has already done that) i mean will the fist time travel or something??????????
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    Volume of electron

    has the volume of an electron ever been calculated if yes than what is its value?
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    The big bang

    for what reason did the big bang took place?
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    Lenzs law

    how does the lenzs law relates to the law of coservation of energy ????
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    Energy siored in an inductor

    i know how can energy be stored in an object in a gravitational or electric field simply by working on the charge or mass agianst the respective field but how can energy be stored in a megnatic field i mean how would that be explained hypothatically ???
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    Sinificant figures

    imagine having a square box with 4 meters of length and hieght its area obviosly is 16 meters square but according to significant figure the number of digits in a result of a calculation cannot be greater than the number of digits in the observations (length and hieght both have one digit ) so...
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    Electromegnatic waves

    we know that the energy of electromegnatic waves depends upon there frequency (wave length as well) but does the amplitude of the waves have anything to do with the energy of the em waves????
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    New tonrings

    why are newton rings observed in a circuler pattern?
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    White light

    why is the light from the sun called white light?????????
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    Best science

    i was just wondering which science is the best (the one that has played most important role in the devolpment of mankind) PHYSICS CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY???????????
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    Three phase A.C supply

    i was reading three phase ac supply and this statement is quite confusing ''because of the 120 degrees phase shift the voltage across any two lines is 400 volts (the voltage across each of the lines connected to the terminals is 230 volts) can any body please explain it???????
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    Parallel resonance circuit

    why is the current minimum in a parallel resonance circuit and how is the impedence calculated in these circuits and can someone please explain this statement ''at reasonance the branch currents (current through inductor and capacitor)may be much larger than the source current''HOW can that...
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    Series resonance circuit

    hey guyz i was just reading series resonance circuits and a read a confusing statement ''at resonance frequency the voltage drop across capacitor and inductor may be much larger than the source voltage'' how is that possible drop bieng greater than source voltage??????????
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    Binding energy

    do neutrons also feel strong nuclear force and if they do how is that possible because they are uncharched and no force is required to keep them together ?????????????
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    Book moving and friction problem

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    Current electricity

    why is current always same for series resistances i mean if a current passes through a resistor a then same current will pass through resistor b does the first resistor not reduces current
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    D.c battries

    how do battries create potential diffrence between thier terminals?????
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    Megnatic Field Of Earth

    does earth has a megnatic field and if so how????????
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    Mass Variation

    hi there i was wondering that why does not an electron or any other subatomic particle gains mass even when they are moving quite close to the speed of light like when beta particle is accelarated from a radioactive source it,s mass does not change why????
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    Basic forces of nature

    hi i am little confused about UNIFICATION OF FORCES what does one mean when he talks about the unification of electromegnatic and weak nuclear force (which was achieved by dr.abdus salam) how can forces be combined ?????