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  1. Sirsh

    Programs Is Chemistry a useful minor for a MechEng Major?

    Material science would be a most useful minor than chemistry, in my opinion.
  2. Sirsh

    Other How/where to explain grade discrepancy in job applications?

    Hi all, I have a problem. I switched my major nearly two years ago within Engineering, however my university only has one course code for our entire degree which enlists all majors within it. So my issue is that they list ALL of my classes in my academic transcript and weight them all a whole...
  3. Sirsh

    Testing Failure on statics exam?

    I've had the same experience before and what I can say is that don't dwell on this one test as it is one of MANY. Just keep your head up and work as hard as you have been prior to getting your result. I'd most definitely request a consultation with your lecturer/tutor to go over said exam and...
  4. Sirsh

    Schools Admission into UC University from Australia

    Hey all, Due to circumstances, I have been researching into universities within California to attend after I complete my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering (B.Eng) to pursue a masters degree in engineering. I am under the assumption that it would be more difficult for myself to get...
  5. Sirsh

    Other High GPA necessary for Industry? Or is more experience better?

    Hey all, Is it worth killing yourself to try achieve and maintain a high GPA 3.5-4.0 if you're most likely going to go into industry straight after undergrad? Or is it more valuable to seek out industry experience to get an edge over other candidates when you do go into industry? This is in...
  6. Sirsh

    Studying Abroad - Semester Exchange

    And the last would be what a german national pays for their university education on a semester basis?
  7. Sirsh

    Studying Abroad - Semester Exchange

    Wow I did not know that either of those were there, the GSI is quite impressive. On one of their web pages for international students, they have this: General Calculation of costs to study in Darmstadt Rent ca. 350 – 400 Euro Statutory health insurance (including long-term care insurance)...
  8. Sirsh

    Studying Abroad - Semester Exchange

    Some of the universities have a 'semester fee' is that what they charge for tuition per semester? as it is quite low, sub 300 euro.
  9. Sirsh

    Studying Abroad - Semester Exchange

    I'm intersted in either TU Berlin or TU Darmstadt. I'll take your advice and draft letters to the respective universities. Thank you for the link, I'll be sure to have a look into it :)
  10. Sirsh

    Studying Abroad - Semester Exchange

    Hi, I'd like to know if anyone has any information on how someone is able to attend a university on exchange that is not partnered with their home university? I am from Australia and my university has ties with many universities, however, I want to potentially go on exchange in Germany to study...
  11. Sirsh

    Why do I keep messing up on my math exams?

    There are multitudes of different things that could be affecting your ability to perform well for your maths exam. Personally, I believe that being in a correct state of mind (being relaxed and composed) is one key element required to perform to the best of my abilities when sitting any formal...
  12. Sirsh

    Late Submission Penalty Discussion

    This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of 0% penalties being applied to late submission, should this be implemented or not? I am a student, and believe that 0% penalties being applied for late submissions is quite frankly ridiculous. At my university in the student assessment and...