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    Graphing Wavelength vs Inverse freq. or Period

    According to our lab manual, the graph of Wavelength vs Period : the slope should be the speed of sound. Well, I have a negative slope of -32.2 which is ridiculous, but I can't find out what I'm doing wrong. We had 5 tuning forks , say for instance, 512Hz...the inverse 1/f = 1/512= 0.00195 ...
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    Binary Stars mass calculation

    Homework Statement Centauri A and Centauri B are binary stars with a separation of 3.45x10^12m and a period of 2.52x10^9s Assuming the two stars are equally massive (which is approximately the case), determine their mass. Homework Equations ( m1 + m2 ) P^2 = ( d1 + d2 )^3 = R^3...
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    Gravitational Force of Three Identical Masses

    Homework Statement Three identical masses of 550 each are placed on the x axis. One mass is at X1= -10.0 , one is at the origin, and one is at X2= 43.0 . What is the magnitude of the net gravitational force on the mass at the origin due to the other two masses? G = 6.673 x 10-11...
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    A Bar Suspended by Two Wires

    Homework Statement A nonuniform horizontal bar of mass m is supported by two massless wires against gravity. The left wire makes an angle (phi) with the horizontal, and the right wire makes an angle . The bar has length L. What is the position of the center of mass of the bar, measured as...
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    Point particles

    I have a homework question that is referring to a pivot rod with unequal masses. The spheres are small enough that they can be considered point particles. what exactly does this mean? I know how to solve the equation, but I'm assuming I can't use the I=2/5mr^2 to solve it. If the...
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    Problem 8.77 A Flea's Jump

    The resilin in the upper leg (coxa) of a flea has a force constant of about 26 N/m, and when the flea cocks its jumping legs, the resilin in each leg is stretched by approximately 0.10mm . Given that the flea has a mass of 0.55mg , and that two legs are used in a jump, estimate the maximum...