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    What does everything strive for? Randomness? Perfection? Conformity? Acceptance?

    In asking this question, I am assuming randomness exists, but I cannot be certain. I am also assuming that 'perfection'. I cannot be certain of that either. I have also heard that everything strives for perfection, but I also cannot be certain. From this, I have induced that some people strive...
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    Is man free to follow his conscience?

    Is Man to be free to follow his conscience and worship as he sees fit or must he accept a conscience and god provided to him by our Society?
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    Philosophical Poems

    Anyone Know any? they can be humorous or serious. Feel free to invent some and or Post some Pre-made ones. Try to stay away from religious oriented ones. Please quote it or provide a link:cool: Thanks in advance, -A2tha3-
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    Hegelian Dialectic

    I have just recently looked into the concept of Hegelian Dialectic, but I do not fully grasp any way to apply. Can someone who has a full understanding of it possibly break it down to simpler terms? I get A + B = C (Where C IS the opposite of A and B) I think So if "my idea of freedom"...