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  1. Elder1994

    Verify Stokes' Theorem for this vector field on a surface

    I do not understand how can I parameterize the surface and area and line differentials.
  2. Elder1994

    Find the electric dipole moment for a water molecule

    The equation that we saw in class is for a continuous charge distribution, I think that for this exercise I need to treat the system as a discrete charge distribution but I'm not sure. Also, I don't know how I can calculate the intensity of the electric field needed to move this charge.
  3. Elder1994

    A The Laplacian of the potential q*exp(-r)/r

    Hello, I have a problem where I'm supposed to calculate the charge distribution ρ. I need to calculate it by applying the Laplacian operator to the potential Θ. The potential is the function: q*exp(-αr)/r I found on the internet that for this type of potentials I cannot just apply the...