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    Magnitude of Torque

    Homework Statement Massive spinning flywheels (disks) can be used for storing energy. Consider a flywheel with a diameter of 1.10 m and a mass of 510 kg. A constant force of magnitude F is applied tangentially to the rim of the flywheel to accelerate it from rest to 4.00 x 103 rev/min during...
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    Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia

    Homework Statement Find the center of mass of the collection of mass points in Figure P.12 and then find the moment of inertia of the system about an axis through the center of mass and parallel to the y-axis. Homework Equations Center of Mass Moment of Inertia The Attempt at a...
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    Cricket bat impulse problem

    Homework Statement A 20 g cricket (Acheta domestica) leaps through a 2.2 m horizontal distance. The initial velocity of the cricket makes a 28° angle with the horizontal direction. If it takes the cricket 0.010 s to leave the ground, what is the magnitude of the impulse of the total force on...
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    Inelastic Collision

    Homework Statement A Cadillac of mass 2250 kg going east collides with a Geo of mass 1180 kg headed north on a level highway. The cars remain tangled and slide to rest after traveling 25 m in a straight line at an angle of 20° north of east. The coefficient of kinetic friction for the tires on...
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    Speed of Center of Mass

    Homework Statement [/B] A loaded coal car with a mass of 120 metric tons traveling at 2 m/s collides and couples with an empty, stationary coal car with a mass of 8 metric tons. (1 metric ton = 103 kg) (c) What is the speed of the center of mass of the system of two cars throughout the...